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The Perfect Murder Add to Shopping Cart


English subtitles, letterboxed print. A terrific erotic thriller from Norway about an actress, who

looks like Greta Garbo, starring in a film about a woman serial killer obsessed with Greta Garbo

(reality and fantasy mix quite often in this film!). When the director begins receiving weird

messages and a real female serial killer begins acting out the screenplay, you have to wonder

if the actress is taking her part too seriously. Well directed, great score, a beautiful lead actress

and nudity, all mix to make this one worth a look

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Emilenne Add to Shopping Cart

Guy Casaril 1985

Betty Mars, Nathalie Guerin

Slick french made sex film by Guy Casaril starring Betty Mars and Nathalie Guerin. The film is

the seductive story of a menage-a-trois involving Emilenne, her husband Claude and Nouky an

art student who specializes in erotic sketches. Emilenne doesn't realize Nouky is her husband's

mistress until she has already been seduced by the beautiful artist.

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Erotic Games Add to Shopping Cart

Bruno Gaburro 1978

Paola Senatore

Wow, probably Paola Senatore's best erotic film (lots of nudity) as she plays an uninhibited

mistress who's married to an older sexually impotent man. However he enjoys watching her so

it works out!

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Le Clinique Dus Phantasmes Add to Shopping Cart

Gerard Kikione 1978

Brigitte Lahaie

 Brigitte Lahaie is one of the stars of this erotic film by gerard kikoine. A clinic in

the country is the setting for this film where the doctors and the nurdes all work very hard to

satisfy their patients!

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The Strange Story Of Olga O Add to Shopping Cart


Serena Grandi, David Brandon

A brand new (1995) erotic horror film that stars Serena Grandi (YEAH!). Someone is out to kill

her and the most likely subjects are either her husband or best friend, or both! Watch Serena

kick some ass

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Maya Add to Shopping Cart

Marcello Avallone 1988

Mariella Valentina in english with japanese subs

A terrific exotic (and erotic) Italian horror film shot in South America by director Marcello

Avallone. People in a small village are being ritually slaughtered by an unseen force. A woman

(Mariella Valentini) from NY comes to town to identify her dead father and ends up enlisting an

ex-patriot American to find out why her dad died. Not your typical Italo-horror film plot, it's a

shame this type of off-kilter approach was not a success. Plenty of nudity and gore help to

maintain interest.

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