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Mafia Warfare Add to Shopping Cart

Jose Giovanni, 1971

Jean-Paul Belmondo, Michel Constatine, Claudia Cardinale

Villanova is running the city with an iron fist. Roberto(Jean-Paul Belmondo) and his friend

Xavier (Michel Constatine) are Villanova's only rivals so they are setup for a crime and sent to

prison. Roberto's in love with Xavier's sister (Claudia Cardinale who plays a whorehouse

Madame) and all three plot escape and a way to take over Villanova's gang. There's even a

rival gang of Black Mobsters (Blaxploitation films were even influencing French gangster films!)

to contend with. There's an early bit part by Gerard Depardieu and the film was directed by

Jose Giovanni

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Manhunt In The City Add to Shopping Cart

Umberto Lenzi 1974

Henry Silva, Luciana Paluzzi

Henry Silva plays a successful businessman whose daughter is brutally murdered during a

robbery. Henry of course goes fucking psycho while waiting for the police to do something. He

beats up and then teams up with a transvestite to track down the bastards who ended his

daughter's life. Silva is a one man wrecking crew in this topnotched vendetta film by Umberto


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Max Add to Shopping Cart

Claude Sautet 1974

Romy Schneider, Michel Piccoli

Michel Piccoli stars as judge who is obsessed with the fact that criminals go free due to a lack of

evidence so he decides to go undercover and hire these same criminals for jobs so he can

then bust them. He screws up though when he gets involved with a prostitute (Romy Schneider)

who turns out to be the lover of one of the guys he is setting up. An excellent French crime

film by Claude Sautet.

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Mean Tricks Add to Shopping Cart

Umberto Lenzi 1992

David Warbeck, Charles Napier

Letterboxed print. Charles Napier stars as Hornsby, a Maurizio Merli for the nineties in this

Umberto Lenzi attempt to jump start the Italian crime film (he even got Franco Micalizzi to do

the score). When his longtime partner Mendoza (David Warbeck) is killed, he suspects a dope

dealer named Laughton. He's forced to teamup with a local rookie who's a pain in the ass and

abhors Hornsby's rough methods. Filmed in Santa Domingo, this is sadly Lenzi's last film so far

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Milan Caliber 9 Add to Shopping Cart

Fernando Di Leo 1974

Mario Adorf, Lionel Stander, Barbara Bouchet, Gastone Moschin

Letterboxed print. Director Fernando Di Leo (SLAUGHTER HOTEL) is one of the unsung heroes

of Eurotrash Cinema. As much as I like Umberto Lenzi's crime films, I like Di Leo's even more.

This is one of his best, with a killer cast, plenty of violence and lots of nudity (courtesy of

Barbara Bouchet). Mario Adorf is a mad dog Mafia Don who has decided to take over the drug

rackets (the opening 5 minutes of this film is a tour de force in directing and musical scoring).

The rival boss, the Mikado (Lionel Stander) fights back and in the middle are the cops (Frank

Wolff) and a two time loser (Gastone Moschin) who wants revenge on both. One of the best in

this genre

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Nick The Sting Add to Shopping Cart

Fernando Di Leo 1978

Luc Merenda, Dagmar Lassander, Lee J Cobb

Terrific gangster flick by Fernando Di Leo (MILAN CALIBER 9) made with a light touch but still

filled with violence, foul language and nudity (thanks to Dagmar Lassander). Lee J Cobb plays

an American who runs a smuggling racket on the Swiss border. Luc Merenda is set up as a fall

guy for a botched robbery and has to take severe revenge on Cobb just to survive

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Operation Odyssey Add to Shopping Cart

Claudio Fragasso 2000

Luca Zingaretti

In Italian with English subtitles. Luca Zingaretti plays the chief of a ruthless police squad. His

former squad and his wife are all massacred by a Mafia boss who wants his and his new team's

blood. The inspector must track down the boss before he and his men are slaughtered! Claudio

Fragasso has become a big time director in Italy of crime films and this is his newest and best

one ever. Stylish yet very violent, this 200 minute plus film never bores or let's up on the


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Panic In The Casino Add to Shopping Cart


Peter Cushing, Claudine Auger, Fernando Sancho, Hugo Stiglitz

This film was considered lost by the authors of the definitive book on Peter Cushing's film

career. Well, here it is in pre-record quality. This Spanish production stars Cushing as the

mastermind behind a casino robbery. What he doesn't know is a rival gang is planning to rob it

at the same time! Co-stars Claudine Auger, Fernando Sancho, and Hugo Stiglitz.

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Professional Killer Add to Shopping Cart

Franco Prosperi 1967

Robert Webber, Franco Nero widescreen print

Robert Webber is a hitman on his last job. He's teamed up with newcomer Franco Nero and of

course Webber is double-crossed. He goes looking for revenge. Directed by Franco Prosperi


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Pronto Add to Shopping Cart

Franco Prosperi 1976

Ray Lovelock, Elke Sommer

A guy (Ray Lovelock) fails to pull off a robbery and goes to prison where he's immediately put

to the test by a local Mafia boss (Martin Balsalm). Lovelock turns out to be an undercover cop

who escapes with Balsalm so he can get the goods on his organization. Lovelock is very

successful as a gangster, killing everyone who crosses him and moves up the ranks in

Balsalm's drug operations. He screws up however when he ends up falling for the boss' girl

(Elke Sommer) and together they try and doublecross him. Directed by Franco Prosperi

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Ransom! The Police Are Watching Add to Shopping Cart

Steno 1974

Lee J Cobb, Jean Sorel, Luciana Paluzzi, Enrico Maria Salerno widescreen print

For fans of Italian crime films, here's an obscure but excellent example of the genre! Enrico

Maria Salerno, Luciana Paluzzi, Jean Sorel, Laura Betti and Lee J Cobb star. A series of violent

high profile kidnappings are happening yet the police are prevented from interfering because

the rich victims don't want to jeopardize their safety. Cobb plays a weathered cop who decides

to take the law into his own hands to stop the madness.

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Redneck Add to Shopping Cart

Silvano Narizzaro 1972

Franco Nero, Telly Savalas, Mark Lester, Ely Galleani in english with greek subs

Totally whacked out tale about a kidnapping that goes horribly wrong. Telly Savalas plays one

crazy bastard in this one. He and Franco Nero steal a car during a botched robbery that just so

happens to have a young boy (Mark Lester) in the back seat. They go on the lamb as Savalas

murders everyone in his way (including Nero's girlfriend, Ely Galleani). He even forces a family

of 4 into a mobile trailer and drowns them in a lake! Letterboxed

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Seagulls Fly Low Add to Shopping Cart


Maurizio merli, Nathalie Delon, Mel Ferrer in english with greek subs

Rare Crime film starring everyone's favorite, Maurizio Merli!! But he plays a different type of

role here. An average joe caught in a bad place, he ends up turning into a hitman who gets

double crossed by his client. Stuck in Italy without a passport, the police begin an intensive

manhunt for him. Mel Ferrer and Nathalie Delon co-star.

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Season Of Assassins Add to Shopping Cart


Joe Dallasandro, Martin Balsalm, Magali Noel in english with greek subs

Released here in a cut pan and scan print, here is the uncut and letterboxed version of this

very sleazy crime film starring Joe Dallasandro, Martin Balsalm and Magali Noel. Dallasandro

portrays a delinquent who continues to escalate his crimes all the way to murder

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Second Breath Add to Shopping Cart

Jean-Pierre Melville 1966

Lino Ventura,

In French with English subtitles, letterboxed print. Wow, one of the great French gangster films

by one of its greatest directors, Jean-Pierre Melville!! Lino Ventura stars as a gangster who just

wants to get out of the country, unfortunately he has to continue a crime wave to get enough

money to get the documents he needs. A police inspector (played masterfully by Paul Meurisse)

is like a snapping turtle and just won't let go of his trail! A masterpiece in black and white

cinematography, action sequences (a truck hijacking is mesmerizing filmed), and Ventura at his

best. Almost 2 and half hours long, it is never boring. Don't pass this one by!

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Showdown Add to Shopping Cart

Georges Lautner 1969

Jean Gabin in english with greek subs

Georges (THE ROAD TO SALINA) Lautner directed this excellent French gangster film starring

Jean Gabin. He plays a detective who is in deep shit because a big robbery was pulled off and

he has no leads on who did it. He starts a methodical hunt and slowly puts together a list of

suspects. Can he track them down in time to save his job? Tough as nails performance by

Gabin makes this a winner

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Silence The Witness Add to Shopping Cart

Giuseppe Rosatti 1976

Bekim Fehmu, Rosanna Schiaffino widescreen

Corruption in high places ultimately ruin a man who witnessed a murder committed by a

respected politician. Stars Rosanna Schiaffina and Bekim Fehmu. Directed by Giuseppe Rosatti.

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Silent Action Add to Shopping Cart

Sergio Martino 1975

Tomas Milian, Luc Merenda, Delia Boccardo widescreen

Military men are dying in mysterious accidents. Meanwhile, a police inspector (Luc Merenda)

hunts down a prostitute who may be involved in a mobster's murder. Merenda uncovers a

conspiracy between a police undercover squad and the military. Terrific crime film by Sergio

Martino with tinges of paranoia and pessimism mixed in. The video is letterboxed and co-stars

Tomas Milian, Mel Ferrer, and Delia Boccardo

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Sitting Target Add to Shopping Cart

Douglas Hickox 1972

Oliver rReed, Jill St John, Ian McShane

Harry (Oliver Reed) is in prison for 15 years and when he learns his wife (Jill St. John) is

pregnant by another man he goes berserk. He and friend (Ian McShane) escape from prison so

Harry can murder his wife. He begins a campaign of terror against her that drives her to brink.

Too bad Harry has no idea what he's really in for. A very gritty, violent British crime film that

features a standout performance by Oliver Reed. Directed by Douglas (THEATRE OF BLOOD)


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Someone Is Bleeding Add to Shopping Cart

Georges Lautner 1974

Mirielle D'Arc, Claude Brasseur, Alain Delon

Based on a novel by Richard Matheson, a writer (Claude Brasseur) meets a mysterious blonde

(Mirelle Darc) on the beach. They strike up a friendship but things get weird in a hurry. Her

attorney (Alain Delon) claims she's a former drug addict who hates all men and killed her

husband. The writer is too involved to back off and so will either be her next lover or victim. A

terrific French thriller by Georges Lautner.

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Speed Cross Add to Shopping Cart

Stelvio Massi 1978

Fabio testi in english with greek subs

Paolo (Fabio Testi) is a cop who races motorbikes on weekends. While in Germany, he

discovers the Mafia has infiltrated the sport to fix races and makes big money on the betting

circuit. He keeps out of it until his best friend is beaten up and he's almost killed in a game of

chicken. Directed by Stelvio Massi

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Speed Driver Add to Shopping Cart

Stelvio Massi 1977

Fabio testi, Senta Berger in english with greek subs

Fabio Testi plays a street racer whose reputation becomes so strong he's hired to compete

professionally. What he doesn't realize is that the car's owner is really a drug runner who wants

Testi to make his deliveries for him. Senta Berger co-stars as a reporter who tries to help Testi

break free from his old boss. Directed by Stelvio Massi

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Swindle Add to Shopping Cart

Bruno Corbucci 1978

Tomas Milian, David Hemmings, Anna cardini letterboxed

One of Tomas Milian's best entries in the Nico Giraldi series as he plays a Milan undercover cop

who is almost as bad as the people he arrests. David Hemmings co-stars as an Interpol agent

who reluctantly teams up with Milian to catch some international crooks. Anna Cardini co-stars

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Target Harry Add to Shopping Cart

Roger Corman 1969

Vic Morrow, Susanne Pleshette, Ahna Capri, Charlotte Rampling, Victor Buono

This little seen Roger Corman film (he uses the name Harry Neill) with a terrific cast is a

remake of THE MALTESE FALCON. Vic Morrow plays Bogart, Suzanne Pleshette plays Mary

Astor and Victor Buono is Sydney Greenstreet (of course!). Others include Charlotte Rampling,

Cesar Romero and Ahna Capri.

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The Bastards Add to Shopping Cart

Duccio Tessari 1970

Giuliano Gemma, Klaus Kinski, Margaret Lee, Rita Hayworth

Giuliano Gemma and Klaus Kinski are brothers (now there's a stretch!) out to pull off one last

big job in this contemporary tale of lust, murder and betrayal. Margaret Lee plays a slut who

allies herself with whomever is on the winning side. Directed by Duccio Tessari. Print only runs

68 minutes.

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The Big Family Add to Shopping Cart

Tonino Ricci 1977

Richard Conte, Raymond Pellegrin, Giancarlo Prete in english with greek subs

Tonino (CROSS CURRENT) Ricci directed this Italian Mafia film about an all out war between

two huge and powerful families headed by Richard Conte and Raymond Pellegrin. A rogue cop

(Giancarlo Prete) has decided to try and put a stop to the escalating violence. He ends up

making matters worse as everyone he talks to ends up getting shotgunned to death! Extremely

bloody, it features a terrific score by Bruno Nicolai. Marilu Fiore and Simonetta Stefanelli co-


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The Bloody Hands Of The Law Add to Shopping Cart

Mario Gariazzo 1973

Klaus Kinski, Philippe Leroy widescreen print

The Italian Mafia bring in a hitman from the US to knockoff one of their competitors. A woman

working at the airport recognizes him and she's quickly killed by a brutal (Klaus Kinski) killer.

Soon after, everyone who had any contact with the case is either shot, strangled or in the case

of one poor bastard, have their crotch blowtorched (he tried to rape a suspect before the Mafia

thugs interrogated her). Philippe Leroy plays a tough cop who shoots first and never bothers to

even ask questions!

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The Boss Add to Shopping Cart

Fernando Di Leo 1974

Henry Silva, Gianni Garko, Howard Ross

Letterboxed Print. Here's one of my top 10 Italo-crime films, by one of the genre's best

directors, Fernando Di Leo. Violent, with a nasty and sadistic edge, Henry Silva plays Lanzetta,

a one man army out to destroy a Mafia family all by himself. When his associate's daughter is

kidnapped and repeatedly raped, he gets REAL mad! Gianni Garko, Antonia Santilli and Howard

Ross co-star

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The Burglars Add to Shopping Cart

Henri verneuil 1971

Jean-Paul Belmondo, Omar Sharif, Dyan Cannon widescreen print

great French crime thriller starring Jean Paul Belmondo, Dyan Cannon, Omar Sharif and Robert

Hossein. Henri Verneuil directs and Ennio Morricone contributes a great score. Belmondo is a

thief who gets trapped by corrupt Sharif into pulling off a high risk job. Cannon has never been

sexier in this complete uncut version.

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The Climber Add to Shopping Cart

Pasquale Squitierri 1975

Joe Dallasandro, Stefania Cassini in english with greek subs

Another terrific Italian crime film starring Joe Dallasandro and Stefania (SUSPIRIA) Cassini and

directed by Pasquale Squitieri. A very nasty, violent study in a psychopathic criminal

(Dallasandro) who has no qualms with killing whomever gets in his way or pisses him off so he

can rise the ladder of success in the mafia business. Stefania Cassini (Dallasandro's real life

lover at the time) has plenty of nude scenes and gets her fair share of abuse too!

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The Contract Add to Shopping Cart


Charles Southwood, Gabriele Tinti, Francoise Prevost, Ewa Swann

Here's an obscure but excellent French/Italian crime film starring Charles Southwood, Gabriele

Tinti, Francoise Prevost and Ewa Swann and it was shot on New York's 42nd street (just dig all

those great movie marquees during the opening credits!!). Directed by Claude (BLOOD ROSE)

Mulot so you know it delivers plenty of nudity and violence. A young waiter witnesses a

gangland mobster slaughter his mistress and her lover. He runs away but has the misfortune of

having a cop like Southwood on his trail who thinks he pulled the trigger. He makes Dirty

Harry look like a pussycat. He smokes dope and beats up female suspects for information; Tinti

plays a hit man who is also on the ex-waiter's trail. This guy is really up shit creek!!

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The Cop In Blue Jeans Add to Shopping Cart

Bruno Corbucci 1976

Tomas Milian, Jack Palance widescreen

This Nico (Tomas Milian) Giraldi crime adventure was released here in a TV censored, pan and

scan version. Here it is, uncut and letterboxed! Giraldi is an unconventional cop who uses tough

methods to capture the scum of Milan. He's after Shelly (Jack Palance), a crooked diplomat

who's also a crime boss, and at the same time Giraldi is trying to uncover a ring of thieves and

fences. While later films in the series became silly, this one retains the hard edge that made

Italian crime films so popular. Directed by Bruno Corbucci.

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The Corrupt Ones Add to Shopping Cart


Robert Stack, Elke Sommer, Nancy Kwan in english with greek subs

German Italian co-production starring Robert Stack, Elke Sommer and Nancy Kwan,

letterboxed print. Here's a terrific action flick that mixes cursed treasure, bad guys torturing

women victims (the cover shows Sommer chained to a cross!), and Robert Stack fresh from

playing Elliot Ness, playing another tough guy

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