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The Cynic, The Rat, And The Fist Add to Shopping Cart
Umberto Lenzi 1976
John Saxon, Tomas Milian, Maurizio Merli
Here's where Umberto Lenzi thrives, in the Crime film genre! Stars John Saxon, Maurizio Merli,
Tomas Milian and in a sleazy actioner
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The Evil Trap Add to Shopping Cart
Yves Boisset 1975
Tomas Milian, Marlene Jobert, Michel lonsdale
Excellent thriller by director Yves Boisset about a former mental patient (Marlene Jobert) who is
hired as a governess. Before long she becomes the focal point of a kidnap and murder
conspiracy plot masterminded by her supposed benefactor (Michel Lonsdale) who uses a
vicious killer (Tomas Milian) to carry it through. Filled with black humor, this one keeps you on
the edge of your seat throughout
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The Final Contract Add to Shopping Cart
Romolo Guerrieri 1992
Fabio Testi, Burt Young, Carol Alt, Rod Steiger, Philippe Leroy, Michael Nouri
The Dellacroce brothers (Burt Young and Philippe Leroy) are head of Milan's crime syndicate.
Detective Calarno (Fabio Testi) has one of their accountants in hiding as a key witness. Sloane
(Michael Nouri) is a hit man hired by the Dellacroce to knock off the blabber mouth. Nouri is not
what he appears to be in this slick, violent well-made crime film directed by Romolo Guerrieri
with a score by Simon Boswell. Carol Alt co-stars.
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The Gang Add to Shopping Cart
Jacques Deray 1976
Alain Delon, Laura Betti, Giampero Albertini
In French with English subtitles, letterboxed print. Alain Delon stars in this great French Crime
film directed by the master of French gangster films, Jacque (BORSALINO) Deray. Delon plays
a roguish gang leader who assembles a bunch of thugs to help commit a series of daring
robberies and heists. Giampiero Albertini and Laura Betti co-star
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The Golden Claws Of The Cat Girl Add to Shopping Cart
Daniele Gaubert in english with greek subs
I wonder how many people knew that the French made a wonderful ripoff of Mario Bava's
DIABOLIK, only with a female in the lead role (and beautiful redhead Daniele Gaubert does a
hell of a job filling out that costume!). A sixties fan's wetdream as go-go dancing, cheesy rock
music and oh those fashions dominate this tale of a female cat burglar who is duped by the
government into stealing some important papers and who then plan on double crossing her at
the end which of course turns out to be a big mistake
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The Great Gang War Add to Shopping Cart
Wayde Preston, George Eastman in english with dutch subs
Grim Doyle (Wayde Preston) is sent undercover to prison to help 4 hardened criminals escape.
He wants to use them to pull off a big job for his bootlegging boss (Alan Collins). They are to go
to Mexico and blow up a rival bootlegger's (Eduardo Fajardo) distillery. Graziella Granata and
George Eastman co-star in this well made action adventure film (it's a letterboxed print).
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The Hired Gun Add to Shopping Cart
Tonino Valerii 1976
Fabio Testi, Al Letterei in english with greek subs
Fabio Testi stars as a bodyguard to a wealthy industrialist. When the local Mafia decide to target
him in a kidnapping scheme, testi must pull out all the stops to save the man and his family. Al
Lettieri (THE GETAWAY) plays a mean ass scumbag and Tonino (MY DEAR KILLER) Valerii
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The Hunter Will Get You Add to Shopping Cart
Philippe Labbro 1975
Jean-Paul Belmondo, Bruno Cremer infrench with english subs widescreen print
Jean Paul Belmondo plays the Predator, a mercenary who operates outside the law. Organized
crime is tired of him spoiling their deals so they put the word out to find him and kill him.
Meanwhile, The Vulture (Bruno Cremer), a rotten bastard psychopath and the most dangerous
criminal in France (He kills everyone he robs so there can be no witnesses) is the Predator's
next case. A fantastic Crime film with lots of violence. Directed by Philipe Labbro (WITHOUT
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The Inheritor Add to Shopping Cart
Philippe Labbro 1976
Jean-Paul Belmondo, Carla Gravina
Jean Paul Belmondo is a rich playboy who has to take charge of his father's vast holdings after
the elder's mysterious death. He's under attack from all sides as he not only tries to remodel
the business to suit his needs, but also reveal his father's murderer. Belmondo is great in this
and no doubt had a ball playing a smartass stud who takes no shit from fools. Carla Gravina
co-stars in this excellent film by Director Philippe Labbro (WITHOUT APPARENT MOTIVE).
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The Insolent Add to Shopping Cart
Jean-Claude Roy 1974
Henry Silva widescreen print
Henry Silva stars as The Insolent, a sullen gangster who breaks out of prison and plans a
major gold robbery. He makes a deal with some thugs to get rid of the stuff and then both
sides try and figure out how to fuck each other over. Silva plays a tough bastard who takes no
shit in this excellent French crime film directed by Jean Claude Roy
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The Last Desperate Hour Add to Shopping Cart
Antonio Sabato, Silvia Monti widescreen print
The film opens with the brutal gang rape of a prostitute as rival crime organizations fight for
control of the city. Antonio Sabato stars as one of the leaders who ends up catching the bubonic
plague (!) and causes both the police and criminals to hunt him down and kill him before he
infects the entire city. Also stars Silvia Monti.
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The Left Hand Of The Law Add to Shopping Cart
Leonard Mann, Janet Agren, James Mason, Stephen Boyd
Letterboxed print. Italo-crime films from the seventies, I LOVE EM!! Inspector Muri (Leonard
Mann) is in charge of the Special Squad and vows revenge on a gang of ruthless kidnappers
who killed several of his men in cold blood. He believes the ransoms are being used to finance
anti-government terrorists. When his girlfriend is massacred, Muri goes nuts and starts his
bloody retribution: He blows out brains, tortures suspects and uses a machine gun to blast a
houseful of scumbags. James Mason, Stephen Boyd and Janet Agren co-star.
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The Magnificent Daredevil Add to Shopping Cart
Luciano Ercoli 1973
Giuliano Gemma, Susan Scott in english with dutch subs widescreen print
Rudy Patti (Guiliano Gemma) is a formula one race car driver whose girlfriend (Susan Scott) is
killed the night of a wild party. He becomes the prime suspect when it's revealed his knife was
used as the murder weapon. He is sent to prison and then allowed to escape thanks to a
mysterious benefactor. Evading the police while trying to solve the crime, he uncovers she was
involved in drug smuggling that resulted in her murder. Now all he has to do is tell the police
before he becomes victim #2.
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The Masters Add to Shopping Cart
Luigi Zampa 1977
Franco Nero, James Mason, Jennifer O'Neill
Rare letterboxed print! Offbeat Crime film starring Jennifer O'Niell, Franco Nero and James
Mason, directed by Luigi Zampa and scored by Ennio Morricone. O'Niell comes to an isolated
Italian village and in just a few hours is implicated in a murder! Can Nero help her and what of
Mason, a mysterious Patriarch who is manipulating the entire village to suit his selfish needs.
There are a bunch of wonderful surprises in this film that I won't give away. The film was made
during that time in Italy when every film was a revelation and this one is quite remarkable to
the very end with images that will stay with you for a long time!
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The Merciless Man Add to Shopping Cart
Tony Lo Bianco, Maud Adams, Howard Ross in english with dutch subs
Letterboxed print. For Italian crime film fans, here's an incredibly obscure entry by director
Mario Lanfranchia. Tony Lo Bianco is a down on his luck PI in Genoa who is hired by a rich
socialite (Maud Adams) to find out who kidnapped and murdered her father. He discovers who
pulled the trigger (Howard Ross) but wants to know who the top dog is. Lo Bianco is excellent
as the brutal ex-cop who acts like sadist to find the answers to his questions. The music is
taken from Lenzi's THE CYNIC, THE RAT AND THE FIST!
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The Murderer Strikes At Dawn Add to Shopping Cart
Marc Simenon 1970
Mylene Demongeot, Alida Valli in english with dutch subs
A terrific French thriller starring Mylene Demongeot as a woman who begins to suspect her
husband is a killer. When a neighbor (Alida Valli) who is heavily into psydelic mushrooms turns
up dead, police suspect her loser son but Demongeot knows her husband had an affair with the
woman and begins to suspect she is now sleeping with a killer! Marc Simenon directs
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The New Godfathers Add to Shopping Cart
Al Brescia 1977
Mario Merola, Gianni Garko, Antonio Sabato in english with japanese subs
Violent crime film with Mario Merola (who looks like John Goodman!) as a mob boss whose wife
and daughter (Sabrina Siani) are murdered by a rival scumbag (Antonio Sabato). Merola
teams up with an undercover cop (Gianni Garko) to exact his blood revenge. Excellent quality
letterboxed print. Directed by Al Brescia
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The Outsider Add to Shopping Cart
Jean-Paul Belmondo, Henry Silva widescreen print
Jean Paul Belmondo plays a tough as shit cop who shoots first or runs you over with his bullet-
proof Shelby GT before he reads you your rights. He's on the track of drug czar Henry Silva.
Features one of Ennio Morricone's most popular scores
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The Professional Add to Shopping Cart
Jean-Paul Belmondo widescreen print
Jean-Paul Belmondo plays a secret service agent who was hired to assasinate the president of
a small African nation. Before he can carry out the hit he is captured and put in prison. Two
years later he escapes and still plans on carrying out the job. Too bad his government has now
changed their mind and decided the President is more valuable alive than dead. Great score by
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The Professor Add to Shopping Cart
Giuseppe Tornatore 1996
Ben Gazzara
An epic crime film (it runs 145 minutes) that marked the debut of director Giuseppe Tornatore
(CINEMA PARADISO). Ben Gazzara plays The Professor, a man sent to prison for killing
someone who copped a feel of his sister. Over time, he begins to build a power base that soon
builds to the point where he's ready to replace the old guard. Needless to say, they don't plan
to go without a fight. One of the best crime/mafia films ever with an outstanding score by
Nicola Piovani
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The Rebel Add to Shopping Cart
Stelvio Massi 1980
Maurizio Merli, Francisco Rabal in english with japanese subs, letterboxed
Incredible violent crime film by the superstar lineup of actor Maurizio Merli and director Stelvio
Massi. Plus, it is presented in abeautiful widescreen transfer. Merli plays his usual tough guy
cop who shoots maims and kills first before reading crooks their rights. He comes out of
retirement to put away slime bags who are trying to rule the city. A real bad idea.
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The Ruffian Add to Shopping Cart
Jose Giovanni 1983
Lino Ventura, Claudia Cardinale
In English with Greek subtitles. Lino Ventura stars as the title character, a tough as shit guy
who gets into all types of scrapes and adventures. His lover is played by Claudia Cardinale and
she may be even tougher than him! Jose Giovanni stars and Ennio Morricone contributes one
of his better scores. The copy has some drop out problems early on.
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The Secret Add to Shopping Cart
Robert Enrico 1974
Jean-Louis Trintignant, Philippe Noiret, Marlene Jobert in english with dutch subs
A man (Jean-Louis Trintignant) escapes from an insane asylum and ends up hiding out with a
couple (Phillippe Noiret and Marlene Joubert) up in the mountains. The man apparently
discovered a secret so horrible, the government will expend any effort to have him and anyone
he meets, killed. Now, is he telling the truth or is he just one paranoid motherfucker (pardon
my French!). Ennio Morricone provides the score and Robert Enrico directs. An excellent film,
letterboxed and in english for the first time.
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The Strangers Add to Shopping Cart
Michele Constatine, Senta Berger in english with dutch subs
way of making it look off kilter and weird. A ruthless bank robber stashes his loot in an
abandoned mine and then passes out in the desert. He's rescued by a couple (Michel
Constatine and Senta Berger) who want the diamonds he has stolen. Things get even more
complicated when we learn there are some thugs after the couple who want to see them dead.
Senta Berger looks great as usual and the print is letterboxed.
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The Syndicate: A Death In The Family Add to Shopping Cart
Barbara Bouchet in english with greek subs
Rare mixture of crime film and psychedelic Head film! An Italian crime boss wants to take over
the drug trade while his mistress (Barbara Bouchet) may end up double crossing him to the
police. rare English version, this is a marvelously weird thriller.
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The Tough And The Mighty Add to Shopping Cart
Carlo Lizzani 1974
Terence Hillin english withgreek subs
Letterboxed print. Terence Hill plays a tough criminal who lives in the hills of Sicily. He kidnaps
rich family members and demands a high ransom for their safe return. This is Carlo Lizzani's
take on the Salvatore Giuliano legend and it's a revelation to see Hill play such a grimy part.
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Tough Guy Add to Shopping Cart
Franco Prosperi 1972
Robert Blake, Catherine Spaak, Ernest Borgnine in english with greek subs
This was released here as RIPPED OFF and was cut by 15 minutes. Here's the uncut version
starring Robert (BARETTA) Blake as a boxer who has been setup by his scumbag promoter.
Blake won't take the fall and so the Mob hires Tomas Milian (in one of his nastier roles) to get
their revenge. Directed by Franco Prosperi and co-starring Ernest Borgnine and Catherine
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Villain Add to Shopping Cart
Richard Burton, Ian McShane, Fiona Lewis widescreen print
Sleazy and violent crime film from England, starring Richard Burton as a homosexual Mommy's
boy who rules the British crime scene with a sadistic iron fist. Ian McShane is hi reluctant bi-
sexual lover. Burton is planning a robbery while his nemesis, a police Inspector (Nigel
Davenport) is trying to figure out what the Hell he's up to. Once again, the Brits give the
Italians a run for their money in the Crime film sweepstakes. Fiona Lewis supplies the T&A.
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Violence For Kicks Add to Shopping Cart
Sergio Grieco 1975
Antonio Sabato
Here's another film by the director of STREET KILLERS, Sergio Grieco. Antonio Sabato plays a
cop whose city is under siege by a gang of rapists and thugs. They scar a woman's face with
barbed wire and then rape her. They end up hooking a girl on drugs and then rape her at their
conveniance. A mix of DIRTY HARRY and A CLOCKWORK ORANGE.
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Wake And Kill Add to Shopping Cart
Carlo Lizzani 1966
Robert Hoffmann, Lisa Gastoni, Gian Maria Volonte in english with greek subs
At last, an English language version of this extremely rare Carlo Lizzani (see ETC #15) crime
film. Robert Hoffman stars as Luthring, a small time hood who graduates to the big time, killing
anyone who gets in his way. Lisa Gastoni is his girlfriend and Gian Maria Volonte plays a
detective on Hoffman's tail. Great score by Morricone
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Web Of Violence Add to Shopping Cart
Nick Nostro 1965
Brett Halsey, Margaret Lee in english with korean subs
Note that for the first 3 minutes, there is a slight shake in the picture. Walter(Brett Halsey)'s
girlfriend has disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Every lead he follows, sends him
further into the criminal underground. Margaret Lee co-stars as Halsey's friend and hopeful
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Young Avengers Add to Shopping Cart
Carlo Lizzani 1976
Bud Spencer
Director Carlo Lizzani proves that Bud Spencer can act in this downbeat and gritty crime film.
Spencer is wrongly accused of murder and is sent to prison. He waits and waits and when it's
obvious no one will help him, he escapes and knocks off the ones for responsible for his situation
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YoYo Add to Shopping Cart
Enzo Castellari 1992
Bud Spencer
Enzo Castellari directs Bud Spencer and Philip Michael Thomas (Miami Vice) as two detectives
working in Miami (Bud Spencer as Don Johnson!?). A friend of the detective (played by Andrew
Stevens) is in trouble with the head of the local Mob (played by Lou Ferrigno). Detective Extra-
Large has to save him and his obnoxious son (who you will want to personally strangle after
watching this film!).
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