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Oasis Of Fear Add to Shopping Cart
Umberto Lenzi 1970
Ray Lovelock, Ornella Muti, Irene Pappas Letterboxed print
One of Umberto Lenzi's better thrillers. It stars Ray Lovelock and Ornella Muti (who has some
nice nude scenes) as two drifters who sell nude photos of themselves to help pay their way
across Europe. They stumble across the home of a rich, older woman (Irene Papas) and when
they discover her husband's dead body in the garage, decide to make themselves at home and
blackmail her. Unfortunately for them, she's not someone you want to screw around with
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Paranoia/Orgasmo Add to Shopping Cart
Umberto Lenzi 1968
Carroll Baker, Lou Castel, Collette Descombes
Here's a great deal. This ground breaking Umberto Lenzi Giallo was quite controversial in its
day as it was rated X here in the states because Carroll Baker really showed all. What most
people don't know is that the Italian version is quite different as new scenes were shot, an
entire subplot was added about Baker's husband and even nude scenes were shot from
different angles. So, I am offering the US release and the rare Italian version, letterboxed
WITH English subtitles!!
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Passport For A Corpse Add to Shopping Cart
Paul Muller, Alberto Lupo, Linda Christian
Here's a real gem of a film, a B&W thriller that mixes fantasy with a very Noirish plot. A man
decides to rob a bank and to escape he must hide in a coffin. Fate (played by Linda Christian)
makes sure he ultimately pays for his crime. Please note the title of the film is missing from
this print
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Play Motel Add to Shopping Cart
Mario Gariazzo 1979
Anthony Steffen, Anna Maria Rizzoli, Patrizia Webley, Marina Frajese in italian with english subs
A roadside Motel is the setting for this sexy Giallo where clients have their
sexual fantasies come true only to blackmailed later on. Stars blonde goddesses Anna Maria
Rizzoli, Marina Frajese and Dolly Parton clone Patrizia Webley.
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Plot Of Fear Add to Shopping Cart
Paolo Cavara 1976
Corrine Clery, John Steiner, Eli Wallach, Letterboxed print
At last, here's Paolo (BLACK BELLY OF THE TARANTULA) Cavara's second thriller in English and
it's up to his usual violent standards. A series of killings are thought to be connected by an
event that took place at the Villa Hoffman. A young woman died there under mysterious
circumstances. A great cast--Eli Wallach, Corinne Clery, Tom Skeritt and John Steiner--, terrific
music, and ample nudity make this one a winner
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Puzzle Add to Shopping Cart
Duccio Tessari 1974
Senta Berger, Luc Merenda
Luc Merenda stars as a man who has lost his memory. Those around him are being killed in a
brutal fashion and his lover (Senta Berger) wonders perhaps if he isn't the killer. Features a
classic scene--Senta Berger with chainsaw in hand, slicing up a madman! Letterboxed print
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Red Light Girls Add to Shopping Cart
Magda konopka, Krista Nell, Orchidea De Santis
aka LOVE ANGELS - Hookers are being found strangled and stabbed to death (a deadly
combination!). Could it be a young man who can't have normal relations with a woman, an old
fart who enjoys spying on the girls at work, or a gangster who enjoys participating in the
world's oldest profession? Co-stars Magda Konopka, Krista Nell, and Orchidea de Santis.
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Reflections In Black Add to Shopping Cart
Tano Cimarossa 1974
John Richardson, Tano Cimarossa, Dagmar Lassander, Daniela Giordano in english with greek subs
A real trashy Giallo directed by actor Tano Cimarosa. John Richardson is a cop who is
investigating the murder of a bunch of models. He discovers the head of the studio (Dagmar
Lassander) is a lesbian who was having affairs with all the recently deceased models. Is she
crazy or is someone who might resent her sexual proclivities? Real violent (Daniela Giordano
gets her throat slit in the first few minutes!) and real sleazy! My kind of film. Comes with a
color cover. $15 Please note, I have a spanish language version that is even raunchier! Just
ask and I will add it at NO EXTRA CHARGE!!
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Sexy Cat Add to Shopping Cart
Julio Perez Tabernero 1974
German Cobos in english letterboxed print
Letterboxed print. Terrific Spanish horror film about a comic strip centering around a lady
psycho who dresses up like a cat. Pretty soon the character appears to come to life and start
killing off all those connected with the comic! Extremely violent, a great obscure spanish horror
film. Please note the film print is from Greece and a bit splicy at times. German Cobos stars.
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Smile Before Death Add to Shopping Cart
Silvio Amadio 1971
Jenny Tamburi, Rosalba Neri, Silvano Tranquilli in english with dutch subs
Rosalba Neri and her lover Silvano Tranquilli murder his wife for her money. Trouble is they
didn't know she had a daughter from an earlier marriage. When she shows up they figure on
killing her but fail to realize she has her own plans for getting the money. By the director of
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So Sweet So Dead Add to Shopping Cart
Roberto Montero 1972
Farley Granger, Sylva Koscina, Susan Scott, Femi Benussi, Anabella Incontrera,
This was released here in a poorly pan and scan, cut version (a lot of the explicit nudity was
cut) under the title THE SLASHER IS A SEX MANIAC). Here's the uncut, letterboxed version.
Farley Granger is a cop investigating a sex killer who's knocking off a bunch of rich,
philandering wives. The victims are a who's who of Italian sexy actresses: Sylva Koscina,
Susan Scott, Femi Benussi, Anabella Incontrera and Krista Nell. A prime example of Eurotrash
Cinema! in english with greek subs
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Something Creeping In The Dark Add to Shopping Cart
Mario Colucci 1971
Farley Granger, Lucia Bose in english with greek subs
This Italian horor film mixes the supernatural with the Giallo (thriller) genre to make a very
satisfying flick. Farley Granger plays a killer who ends up taking a house full of people hostage.
Too bad it's haunted! Lucia Bose co-stars
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Terror In The Dark Add to Shopping Cart
Jose Condes Nieves 1974
Marissa Mell, Stephen Boyd, Silva Koscina in english with greek subs
Director Jose Condes Nieves (MARTA) features Marisa Mell as a woman stuck in a dead end life
as a hostess to old men. She meets one (Fernando Rey) who will take care of her finacially but
she'd rather spend all her time with a lowlife played by Stephen Boyd. Her lesbian friend
(Sylva Koscina with several nice nude scenes) shows up and Rey ends up falling for her!
Meanwhile, Boyd and Mell end up becoming involved in bribery and murder that goes haywire
in this sleazy Spanish made thriller
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The Corruption Of Chris Miller Add to Shopping Cart
Marisol, Jean Seberg in english with greek subs
Letterboxed print. The Spanish didn't make many attempts at imitating the Italian Giallo but
when they did, they usually got it right. This film is a good example. Marisol and Jean Seberg
are lesbian lovers who live out in the country. There's a homicidal maniac in the area and their
peaceful idyll is interrupted by the arrival of a handsome stranger. Is he the killer or is it one of
the women? Quite bloody during the murders, this is a terrific sleeper of a horror film and
comes recommended.
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The Designated Victim Add to Shopping Cart
Maurizio Lucidi 1971
Tomas Milian, Pierre Clementi, Katia Christine
Beautiful widescreen print. This is director Maurizio Lucidi's spirited seventies take on
Hitchcock's STRANGERS ON A TRAIN. Milian plays a commercials director who wants to sell his
business so he can run off with his mistress (Katia Christine who supplies ample nudity). Only
problem is that his shrewish wife says no and she controls the shares. He meets a very rich
and decadent young man (Pierre Clementi who promises to kill his wife if he will kill his brother.
This is a great example of an obscure Italian thriller that is a perfect blend of direction, musical
score (by Luis Bacalov), and locale (the canals of Venice). Highly recommended
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The Double Add to Shopping Cart
Romolo Guerierri 1972
Jean Sorel, Lucia Bose, Ewa Aulin
The film opens with that handsome devil Jean Sorel being gunned down in an underground
parking lot by a little old man. The balance of the film is a flashback as we discover why this
event occured. Along the way we are introduced to his wife played by Ewa Aulin (who does
have nude scenes) and mother-in-law played by Lucia Bose (who does not). Sorel has the hots
for Bose and it's this passion that leads him to ruin. The ending, revealing why he was shot is a
particularly sick twist of fate
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The Etruscan Kills Again Add to Shopping Cart
Armando Crispino 1972
Alex Cord, Samantha Eggar, John Marley
aka THE DEAD ARE ALIVE-Previous English language editions of this film were missing all the
gore sequences, plus the image was drastically squeezed to fit the TV screen. Well, here's an
uncut, English subtitled version that's nicely letterboxed to boot of one of the better Gialli made.
Armando (AUTOPSY) Crispino directs this tale of ancient evil centering around conductor John
Marley, archaeologist Alex Cord and their lover played by Samantha Eggar. People are being
graphically murdered in ways similar to drawings found in Etruscan graves from centuries ago.
Look for Christina Von Blanc (A VIRGIN AMONG THE LIVING DEAD) as a nude victim of the
killer near the end of the film.
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The Final Curtain Add to Shopping Cart
Alberto De Martino 1972
Anne Heywood, Telly Savalas in english with swedish subs, letterboxed print
Albertino De Martino directs this Italian Giallo/thriller starring Anne Heywood as an actress who
is convinced a man is stalking her. Is she going crazy as no one else has even seen the man?
Telly Savalas plays the creeping assassin/phantom and Ms Heywood supplies the nudity in this
very stylish Argento-like thriller.
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The Fourth Victim Add to Shopping Cart
Eugenio Martin 1974
Michael Craig, Carroll Baker, Marina Malfatti
Eugenio Martin directs this Giallo/thriller that stars Carroll Baker. A man has lost several wives
and is suspected of killing them but the police can't prove. He falls in love with Baker after a
long courtship and they decide to marry. Is she the next in line for death or is she NOT what
she appears to be and should the husband be worried. Lots of twists and turns in this one that
co-stars Marina Malfatti.
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The Glass Ceiling Add to Shopping Cart
Eloy De La Iglesia 1974
Carmen Sevilla, Emma Cohen, Paty Shephard
Eloy De La Iglesias' (CANNIBAL MAN) disturbing thriller about a wife (Carmen Sevilla) who is
convinced her neighbor is a killer and she's his next victim. After all, his wife (patty Shepard) is
already missing. A rare example of the Spanish making a Giallo every bit as good as the
Italians. Emma Cohen provides the nudity
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The Iguna With A Tongue Of Fire Add to Shopping Cart
Riccardo Freda 1972
Luigi Pistilli, Dagmar Lassander, Anton Diffring
Letterboxed Print. A quite violent Giallo by maestro Riccardo Freda. Luigi Pistilli plays a cop who
becomes involved with a dysfunctional family played by Dagmar Lassander (nice nude
scenes), Anton Diffring and Valentina Cortese. Diffring's mistress is graphically murdered
(including having acid thrown in her face)along side others who know him. When Pistilli's own
daughter is targeted by the maniac, it's time for Luigi to kick butt.
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The Killer Wore Gloves Add to Shopping Cart
Ignacio Iquino 1974
Gilian Hills, Silvia Solar, Orchidea De Santis in english with greek subs
Here's an obscure Spanish Giallo directed by Ignacio Iquino that features Gillian Hills as a
woman terrorized by a killer who thinks she knows the whereabouts of a stash of drugs. Silvia
Solar and Orchidea de Santis are just a few of the beautiful victims of the black gloved killer.
The murders are bloody and the actresses have nude scenes. What more could you want?
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The Maniac Responsible Add to Shopping Cart
Mario Caiano 1974
Antonio Sabato, Luciana Paluzzi in italian with english subs widescreen print
Director Mario Caiano is known for his sleazy Nazi films but here's an excellent Giallo in the
tradition of WHAT HAVE THEY DONE TO SOALANGE? School girls involved in a prostitution ring
are being brutally murdered and 2 cops (Antonio Sabato and Luciana Paluzzi) are on the case.
As the bodies continue to pile up, Sabato decides on making a deseperate move to find the
killer. Atmospheric (one killing in particular is quite gruesome) thriller that is highly
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The Night Of Violence Add to Shopping Cart
Roberto Mauri 1966
Helene Chanel, Marilu Tolo, Lisa Gastoni
In Italian only, letterboxed print. Here's one of the classics of Sixties Italian horror films, with
beautiful B&W cinematography and widescreen for maximum effect. A horribly disfigured man
is stalking beautiful women and killing them. Here he has a veritable who's who of Italian
starlets to choose from: Helene Chanel, Marilu Tolo, and Lisa Gastoni! Directed by Roberto
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The perfect Crime Add to Shopping Cart
Giuseppe Rosatti 1972
Leonard Mann, Gloria Guida, Joseph Cotton, Anthony Steel, letterboxed print
Excellent Italian thriller starring Leonard Mann, Gloria Guida, and Joseph Cotten. A series of
gruesome murders are wiping out the board of directors of an important company. Scotland
Yard hasn't a clue. Could it be Mann who is an amnesia victim with ties to the company or
Guida, who sleeps with every victim right before they are killed?
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The Secret Of Seagull Island Add to Shopping Cart
Prunella Ransome, Gabriele Tinti, Sherry Buchanan, Paul Muller, Umberto Raho
Barbara's (Prunella Ransome) blind sister has disappeared so she heads of to Italy to look for
her. The trail leads to David (Jeremy Brett) Malcolm and Seagull Island. Meanwhile, a psycho is
murdering blind women in the area which obviosly causes Barbara some distress. Director
Nestore Ungaro populates the film with many familiar faces (to ETC fans) such as Paul Muller,
Umberto Raho, Sherry Buchanan and Gabriele Tinti. in english with greek subs
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The Sweet Body Of Deborah Add to Shopping Cart
Romolo Guerierri 1971
Carroll Baker, Jean Sorel, George Hilton widescreen print
Letterboxed Print. Lots of twists and turns in this one as Carroll Baker (who also gets naked in
this one!) is slowly being driven mad. Is it her husband played by Jean Sorel or her next door
neighbor played by George Hilton. Keeps you guessing right up to the end!
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The Torment Add to Shopping Cart
Bradford Dillman, Gig Young, Delia Boccardo, Marina Malfatti
This is strange psychological horror film that was influenced by ROSEMARY'S BABY and
REPULSION. A woman (Marina Malfatti) thinks she's pregnant with the child of a dead woman
she tried to help in a carwreck. The doctors say it's an hysterical pregnancy, there's no baby
inside her. She begins to hallucinate and have conversations with the dead mother. The finale
is very bleak and unsettling. Gig Young, Bradford Dillman and Delia Boccardo co-star
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The Washing Machine Add to Shopping Cart
Ruggero Deodato 1994
Ruggero Deodato's best film in years about 3 twisted sisters who like to screw and maybe kill
off their lovers. There's one sequence that brings back fond memories from CANNIBAL
HOLOCAUST! Dubbed in english and it looks great!
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The Weapon, The Hour And The Motive Add to Shopping Cart
Renzo Montagnini, Eva Czmerys in italian with english subs
letterboxed print. A priest is brutally murdered and several women who had
affairs with him are afraid they may be next. A cop (Renzo Montagnini) on the case is attracted
to one of the women while the other (Eva Czmerys who as usual, has some nice nude scenes)
goes and gets her throat slashed. Is the killer a jealous husband, an altar boy or one of the
nuns? (There's a great exploitation scene where all the nuns strip off their clothes and whip
themselves into a frenzy!).
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What Have They Done To Your Daughters? Add to Shopping Cart
Massimo Dallamano 1974
Claudio Cassinelli, Giovanni Ralli, Mario Adorf
Letterboxed print. Sleazy crime thriller involving a prostitution at an exclusive girl's school.
Stars Claudio Cassinelli and Giovanni Ralli. By the director of WHAT HAVE THEY DONE TO
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Who Killed The Prosecutor And Why? Add to Shopping Cart
Giuseppe Vari 1972
Lou Castel, Beba Loncar in english with dutch subs
A couple (Lou Castel and Beba Loncar) making love on the beach, photograph a murder made
to look like an accident. They decide to bribe the killers with their evidence and also
doublecross them by selling the prints to a local scandal sheet. The men involved in the killing
are being killed by a black gloved killer. He eventually kills the girl and is after the
photographer to add to his list of victims. A real sleazy thriller (lots of nudity) by Giuseppe Vari
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Who Wants To Kill Sara? Add to Shopping Cart
Nancy Brill, Antonella Lualdi, Stephane Ferrara in english with portuguese subs
Nancy Brilli, Antonella Lualdi, and Stephane Ferrara star in this Italian thriller. Brilli plays a
lawyer who has some unusual sexual appetites (she enjoys simulated rape in semi-public place
for one!) who finds herself being stalked by a serial killer. Is it someone she knows or is the
killer as anonymous as one of her sexual encounters?
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Who's The Killer? Add to Shopping Cart
Mario Moroni in italian with english subs 1974
Here's an obscure Giallo by one time director Mario Moroni, who shades things
toward the sleazy side. Women are being brutally murdered on the set of a movie, helmed by a
tyrannical director. Is it the director, the script writer, sleazy producer or an actress, bitter
about her treatment? The film's conclusion features a stage play where all the actors are
dressed like Diabolik and of course one of them is actually the murderer who uses his disguise
to kill even more victims. Giorgio Ardisson is a cop and Anabella Incontrera is just one of the
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Witness To A Murder Add to Shopping Cart
Rafael Romero Marchent 1975
Ray Milland, Sylva Koscina
(aka THE STUDENT CONNECTION)- Ray Milland stars as a principal at a boy's school. He ends
up murdering someone late one night and it's witnessed by one of his students. He begins
killing off his young charges in a vain attempt to rid himself of the eyewitness. This Spanish
made thriller also features Sylva Koscina.
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You'll Die At Midnight aka MIDNIGHT RIPPER Add to Shopping Cart
Lamberto Bava 1986
Nicola is fighting again with his rich bitch wife. When she turns up dead (in a bloody sequence in
her shower), he is the main suspect. When he is found dead the suspicion turns to Tribbo, a
madman killed several years earlier in a hospital fire. Nicola's daughter heads off to an
abandoned hotel with a bunch of her friends and of course the killer follows them their and like
in TORSO, begins killing them off in violent fashion. Excellent score by Simonetti.
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