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Mumsy, Nanny, Sonny, And Girly Add to Shopping Cart
Freddie Francis 1970
Freddie Francis' incredible black comedy about a family of serial killers. They use prick teaser
Girly to reel in their victims and then all 4 take turns killing them off back at their huge estate.
A perverse little masterpiece that could only have been made in the seventies
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Murder In A Blue World Add to Shopping Cart
Eloy De La Iglesia 1977
Sue Lyon, Jean Sorel, Chris Mitchum
Letterboxed print. This oddball film mixes elements from Kubrick's film with a serial killer story
involving Sue (LOLITA) Lyon as a nurse who can't stand physical imperfection. Directed by Eloy
de la Iglesia (CANNIBAL MAN).
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Necrophobia Add to Shopping Cart
In Dutch Only. Here's a gross out film from Holland that should satisfy the jaded ones in the
audience. Colette is a demented young woman who lives in a HELLRAISER-like place where she
brings the recently deceased to have sex with. She ends up seducing a death obsessed young
man with the hopes of adding him to her dungeon of horror. The ending has a nice sick twist in
this demented but well made film
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Night Killer Add to Shopping Cart
Claudio Fragasso 1990
Tara Buckman
Claudio Fragasso directs this excellent Italian horror film starring Tara Buckman. At a dance
academy a supernatural being is killing off the dancers in a very graphic fashion, he uses his
long fingerblades (remind you of anyone?) to slit throats, decapitate and gut his victims. Very
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No One Heard The Scream Add to Shopping Cart
Eloy De La Iglesias 1973
Carmen Sevilla, Vincente Parra
In Spanish with English subtitles. Excellent Spanish made thriller by Eloy De La (CANNIBAL
MAN) Iglesias starring Carmen Sevilla, Vincente Parra, and Maria Asquerino. Somewhat related
in theme to his THE GLASS CEILING, Sevilla stars as a woman who decides to quit an affair
with a married man. Unfortunately for her, the next man she falls for is a wife murderer!!
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Open Season Add to Shopping Cart
Peter Collinson 1974
John Phillip Law, Helga Line, William Holden, Cornelia Sharpe, Peter Fonda
Here is a sick Spanish film with a name cast and a noted British director, but for eurotrash
afficianados, it's the co-stars that make this worth seeing. 3 psychotic Vietnam vets decide to
kidnap people, take them to a place inb the woods and after torturing them, set them loose so
they can hunt them down and kill them. Their latest group may be more than they bargained
for however as one of their victims is actually plotting revenge! Peter Fonda, Cornelia Sharpe,
John Phillip Law, Richard Lynch, William Holden, Helga Line, Alberto De Mendoza, and Simon
Andreu star.
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Paganini Horror Add to Shopping Cart
Luigi Cozzi 1987
Daria Nicolodia, Donald Pleasence
Luigi Cozzi directs this late eighties horror film centering around a female rock group who head
for a haunted house to film their latest video. The spirit of Paganini infests the abode and soon
gory deaths are the result. Daria Nicolodia and Donald Pleasance co-star.
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Psycho Thrill Add to Shopping Cart
Trash Cinema, Mexican style! There's a psycho loose and he's knifing, burning, and hanging a
multitude of victims. He loves to pick up prostitutes, force them to strip and then knife them,
when he penetrates them with a knife, he sexually climaxes--yes, he's one sick puppy.The cops
finally have enough and hunt him down like a dog. Sleazy fun from south of the border,
contains nudity
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Queens Of Evil Add to Shopping Cart
Tonino Cervi 1972
Ray Lovelock, Evelyne Stewart, Haidee politoff, Silvia Monti
One of the best Italian horror and sex films from the seventies, if you have missed this one
then see it now as it ain't coming to dvd anytime soon! 3 women who live out in the country are
agents of the devil and their mission is to seduce and kill any man who ventures into their lair.
Poor Ray Lovelock does just that and his fate is sealed. Evelyne Stewart, Haidee Politoff and
Silvia Monti play the witches. Directed by Tonino Cervi.
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Red Lies Add to Shopping Cart
Tomas Arana, Gioa Maria Scotese
In Italian Only. Tomas Arana is a reporter who goes deep into the sex industry underground to
try and determine who is killing off their clientel. He finds himself becoming addicted to the
lifestyle while his wife (Gioa Maria Scotese with several nice nude scenes) wonders if and when
he'll return to her. Meanwhile, the killer continues using his long bladed knife on whomever gets
too close to his identity. This film has a lot in common with Friedkin's CRUISING.
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Robowar Add to Shopping Cart
Bruno Mattei 1988
Nicely letterboxed print of this Brunoi Mattei ripoff of ROBOCOP and TERMINATOR. A bunch of
macho assholes are turned loose in the Phillipine jungle to hunt down a low budget SPFX (a
man in a cheesy robot suit) with a big gun. Bruno blows up things real good.
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Sanatorium, Under The Sign Of The Hourglass Add to Shopping Cart
In Polish with English subtitles. letterboxed print. For fans of the director of THE SARAGOSSA
MANUSCRIPT, here's another strange fantasy film he made. Extreme weirdness is the rule here
as a young man returns home to find his father has died. The guy starts to relive his life in
flashback and comes to realize his home was like an insane asylum, inhabited by all types of
crazy bastards. Some nudity and MUCH strangeness.
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Scarab Add to Shopping Cart
Steohen Charles-Jaffe 1984
Rip Torn, Robert Ginty
Professor Manz (Rip Torn) experiments on a beetle-shaped amulet, when he accidentally cuts
his hand on it, the God Khepera takes over his body. He goes into hiding for 30 years before
resurfacing to kill off Government leaders and throwing the world into chaos. Enter Jack Murphy
(Robert Ginty), whose girlfriend's brother was one of Manz/Khepera's victims. This obscure
Spanish lensed horror film was directed by Stephen-Charles Jaffe.
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School Of Fear Add to Shopping Cart
Lamberto Bava 1992
Daria Nicolodia, Alessandra Acciai
Diana (Alessandra Acciai) is the new teacher at an exclusive private school (the previous one
died mysteriously). She soon discovers her students are not what they seem and they soon
involve her in their deadly game of reality that includes murder and rape. Daria Nicolodia
costars in this Lamberto Bava film with music by Simon Boswell. Please note there is a logo at
the bottom of the screen
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Scream Of Fear Add to Shopping Cart
Seth Holt 1961
Susan Strasberg, Christopher Lee
Penny (Susan Strasberg) is crippled and returns home at the request of her father who wants
her to meet his new wife. No sooner does she arrive then she finds his corpse! Of course the
body disappears and no one believes her story. Director Seth Holt and screenplay writer Jimmy
Sangster teamed up for this B&W chiller from Hammer. Christopher Lee co-stars
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Sex Of The Witch Add to Shopping Cart
Elo Pannaccio 1976
Camile Keaton, Donald O'Brien
In Italian Only. Thomas Hilton, the rich head of the family, dies after detailing the curse on the
family name to his relatives. They are there to divy up his estate and learn they each have to
make it to age 30 before they can collect. Sure enough, the relatives are knocked off one by
one by the killer who has a rather unique talent. Camille Keaton co-stars (and fortunately has a
nude scene before exiting the plot) along with Donald (ZOMBIE HOLOCAUST) O'Brien.
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Shadow Of Illusion Add to Shopping Cart
Mario Caiano 1972
Daniela Giordano, William Berger
Mario Caiano directed this very weird voodoo sex and horror thriller set in the Middle East.
Daniela Giordano (who has some terrific nude scenes) stars as a strange psychic who is drawn
to a cult ritual in an ancient and evil setting. She is the focus of a cult who want to kill her so
they can raise the dead. William Berger stars as a professor who may help her escape or help
her to die.
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Shocking Dark Add to Shopping Cart
Bruno Mattei 1989
Letterboxed print. It's the future and Venice is now a dead city due to a toxic gas. The
inhabitants are now mutated monsters and a trained group of Marines are sent in to try and
figure out what the hell is going on. This goofy mixture of ALIENS and THE TERMINATOR is by
Bruno Mattei, one of Italy's true genius of trash. See if you can spot the scenes and dialogue
that are direct steals from the first two ALIEN films.
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Snow devils Add to Shopping Cart
Antonio Margheriti 1965
Giacomo Rossi Stuart
Never released on video! here is a rare entry in Antonio Margheriiti's SF Gamma 1 series.
Giacomo Rossi Stuart heads a space mission to earth's Himalayas to learn more about the Yeti.
Are they really an alien race?
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Snuff Trap Add to Shopping Cart
Bruno Mattei 2001
Letterboxed print. Good Ol Bruno Mattei!! You can depend on him to deliver the sleaze in this
time of conservatism and boy does he! You'll want to take a bath after this one. A woman goes
looking for her missing daughter and before too long she has descended into the world of
pornography and ultimately torture and snuff videos (all graphically depicted by Bruno). In fact
she's in big danger of starring, along with her daughter, in her own snuff film!
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Strange Love Of A Vampire Add to Shopping Cart
Leon Klimovsky 1972
Emma Cohen, Carlos Ballesteros
aka THE NIGHT OF THE WALKING DEAD. Here's an excellent Spanish made gothic vampire film
with plenty of exploitation to go with the atmosphere. Directed by Leon Klimovsky (veteran of
many Paul Naschy flicks), it features Carlos Ballesteros as Count Dracula who desperately
looks for a woman to share his life. He finds an ill young beauty (Emma Cohen who has nude
scenes) in the local village and initiates her into his vampiric lifestyle
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Swamp Of The Ravens Add to Shopping Cart
Manuel Cano 1974
Fernando Sancho
Without a doubt one of the creepiest Spanish horror films I have ever seen. A crazy doctor is
performing reanimation experiments in the middle of the Florida swamps. He begins to have
success just as the police and locals close in on him. The scenes of zombies rising from the
swamp creeped me out and an there's an autopsy scene that's all too real. Director Manuel
Cano has a made a weird little film to say the least
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Terror Express Add to Shopping Cart
Ferdinando Baldi 1975
Silvia Dionisio
Director Ferdinando Baldi takes a screenplay by George Eastman (real name Luigi Montefiore)
and creates a sick puppy of a horror film that once again treads the LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT
territory. Blonde goddess Silvia Dionisio (one time wife to Ruggero Deodato!) stars as a hooker
who teams up with another passenger to save the day
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The Childhood Friend Add to Shopping Cart
Pupi Avati 1995
Jason Robards III
Pupi (THE HOUSE WITH THE WINDOWS THAT LAUGHED) Avati wrote and directed this neat little
horror film that stars Jason Robards III (who looks just like his father) as a popular TV talk
show host who is terrorized by a friend from the past. A neat thriller that eschews graphic
horror for a creepy and disturbing atmosphere that lingers far longer.
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The Collector Add to Shopping Cart
In Finnish with English subtitles, letterboxed print. Intense horror film from Finland about 2
sisters who are in constant conflict. The older one is a lesbian and the younger is a crazed
psychotic who freaks out when she learns about her sister and goes off on a killing spree. An
excellent thriller
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The Crime On Via Monti Add to Shopping Cart
Antonio Bonifacio 1997
Katarina Vassilissa
New Giallo with an accent on nudity and sleaze! A killer breaks into a bedroom and kills the
man yet it seems the woman is in approval of the murderous deed. Meanwhile, a hapless
detective is hired to discover if a man's wife is cheating on him and he invariably ends up in
bed with her! The killer soon puts the detective at the top of his list to knock off. The big reason
to see this is that it stars Katarina Vassilissa, incredible sexy star of Tinto Brass' THE VOYEUR!!
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The Dead Mother Add to Shopping Cart
Juan Ulloja 1993
In Spanish with English subtitles, letterboxed at 2.35:1. A lot of people have been waiting for
this Spanish made thriller by Juan Ulloa. During the nineties, Spain is leading Europe when it
comes to contemporary, edgy entertainment. A young girl witnesses the murder of her mother
by a thief. She ends up in an asylum where she appears to be in shock. Years later, the thief
discovers her and decides to kidnap and kill her. Unfortunately for him, he becomes obssesed
with her (much to his current lover's dismay) creating a dangerous and complex love triangle.
This psycho thriller soon degenerates toward a violent and downbeat conclusion
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The Demon Add to Shopping Cart
Daliah Lavi, Frank Wolff
)-In italian with english subs letterboxed print. Beautiful B&W italian horror film starring Daliah Lavi as a
woman possessed by a demon. She tries to use potions to ensnare a man (Frank Wolff) she
lusts after. Her father whips her to try and beat the demon out of her but things just get worse.
Lavi has never been better (even WHIP AND THE BODY!).
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The Devil Within Her Add to Shopping Cart
Peter Sadsy 1976
Joan Collins, Ralph Bates, Caroline Munroe, John Steiner
This was released here in a cut version (for a PG rating) as I DON'T WANT TO BE BORN. This
uncut copy stars Joan Collins as a woman cursed by a dwarf into giving birth to a child killer.
Also stars Caroline Munroe, John Steiner and Ralph Bates
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The Devil's Exorcist Add to Shopping Cart
Jack Taylor
A young girl is troubled by loud sounds and the vision of a scary man in black walking toward
her. She soon becomes violent and a woman doctor is called in to help. Upon their first
meeting, the girl cold-cocks the doctor and knocks her ass around the room. Eventually, she
kills her own mother (it's ruled an accident) and moves in with the doctor who ultimately pays a
high price for trying to cure her. This film eschews the overt graphic imagery of most
EXORCIST-clones and goes for a more subtle approach. Jack Taylor plays a medical colleague
who feels shock treatments are the only way to cure the kid. Too bad no one listened to him!
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The Devil's hand Add to Shopping Cart
Maurice Tourneur 1943
Pierre Fresnay
In French with English subs. Rare Maurice Tourneur horror film from the forties. Pierre Fresnay
stars as a poor artist who made a deal with the Devil. What is the price he will pay? Creepy
B&W cinematography make this an undiscovered classic!
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The Devil's Men Add to Shopping Cart
Peter Cushing, Luana Peters
Released here in a cut version under the title LAND OF THE MINOTAUR, here's the uncut one
with all the nudity and violence restored! Peter Cushing is the leader of a cult that sacrifices
people to their Minotaur idol. When a young couple disappear it brings them uneanted attention.
Luan Peters co-stars
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The Dragon Ring Add to Shopping Cart
Lamberto Bava 1994
Franco Nero, Anna Falchi
In Italian with English subtitles. Here's the newest Lamberto Bava film, a big budget SPFX
extravaganza fantasy film set in a foreign world. Franco Nero plays a cruel king whose
daughter Desideria (Anna Falchi of DELLAMORTE DELLAMORE who has no nude scenes here!),
falls in love with a rebel leader. His other daughter (actually a wolf-child he found in the forest)
plots to get rid of Desideria so she can take over the throne and rule the land. A Godzilla like
Dragon appears at the film's conclusion.
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The Horrible Dr Hichcock Add to Shopping Cart
Riccardo Freda 1962
Barbara Steele, Robert Flemyng
In Italian with English subtitles. For the first time, this seminal Ricardo Freda horror film is now
available in a definitive, uncut and letterboxed print. Barbara Steele stars as the victim of her
husband who likes to have sex with dead women. Guess what his plans for her are?
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The Humanoid Add to Shopping Cart
Aldo Lado 1980
Barbara Bach, Richard Kiel, Arthur Kennedy, Ivan Rassimov, Leonard Mann
Aldo Lado directs (with special effects help by Antonio Margheriri and Enzo Castellari) this STAR
WARS ripoff with a super sexy cast: Corrine Clery and Barbara Bach. Also starring Leonard
Mann, Richard Kiel, Arthur Kennedy and Ivan Rassimov as the Darh Vader lookalike! Ennio
Morricone contributes the weird electronic score
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The Infernal Trio Add to Shopping Cart
Romy Schneider, Michel Piccoli
In French with English subtitles. Romy Schneider and Michel Piccoli co-star as a couple who
murder wealthy individuals for their money. They also involve Schneider's sister in their latest
plan to seduce and kill a teenaged girl who is heir to a large fortune. This black-humored film
has a rather gory murder sequence (cut from most prints, it is included here but has brief
below the waist censoring) unusual for a French production. Great score by Ennio Morricone.
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The Inquisador Add to Shopping Cart
In Spanish only. Here's a nasty piece of work from Argentina. The charred corpses of young
women are being found all over town. The police are baffled as to who is doing this. It turns out
a group of religious zealots comprised of several men and one woman kidnap loose women,
bring them back to their underground torture chamber and stretch them on the rack before
torching them. Nudity and gore abound in this one.
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