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The Last Shark Add to Shopping Cart
Enzo Castellari 1976
Jmaes Franciscus, Vic Morrow
Letterboxed print. Released here as GREAT WHITE, the film was quickly pulled from release
when Universal pictures sued the distributors for ripping off JAWS and JAWS 2 (there are
scenes and dialogue in the film that are direct steals!). Here's the original export version with
James Franciscus and Vic Morrow. $15
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The Man Who Wouldn't Die Add to Shopping Cart
Lamberto Bava 1989
Here's another unreleased Lamberto Bava thriller appearing in English for the first time. Four
creeps break into a villa and steal a bunch of works of art. One guy decides to rape the maid
while he's there and gets himself seriously wounded. The other 3 guys decide to dump him in
the woods to die but he recovers and begins getting his revenge in a very gory fashion! There
is a logo at the bottom of the screen.
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The Monk Add to Shopping Cart
Ado Kyrou 1972
Franco Nero, Nathalie Delon
Excellent horror film that features a tour-de-force performance by Franco Nero. He plays the
titular character who discovers one of his fellow brothers is actually a dynamite piece of ass
(Nathalie Delon) who's there to tempt him in the ways of the flesh. She's actually in league with
the Devil and slowly but surely turns Nero into a wanton sadist and murderer.
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The Murder Clinic Add to Shopping Cart
William Berger, Francoise Prevost
)-Letterboxed print. Excellent gothic thriller starring William Berger as a troubled doctor who
runs a clinic for the insane. When a new nurse arrives on the scene, patients are mysteriously
murdered in their sleep. Francoise Prevost co-stars
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The Murder Secret Add to Shopping Cart
Mario Bianchi 1989
Gabriel Tinti, Jessica Moore
Directed by Mario Bianchi and supervised by Lucio Fulci, this gory exercise in horror (parts of
this also turn up in NIGHTMARE CONCERT) stars Gabriele Tinti as a man who brings his family
to meet his Aunt Martha, recently released from an insane asylum. Before too long Tinti's
family begin to be ritualistically slaughtered for a crime Tinti took part in when he was a child.
Has Aunt Martha returned with vengeance on her mind? Beheadings, throat slittings and a
graphic shower murder (featuring buxom Jessica Moore star of D'Amato's 11 DAYS 11 NIGHTS)
are just a few of the graphic highlights.
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The Night Of A 1000 Cats Add to Shopping Cart
Rene Cardon Jr 1978
Hugo Stiglitz. Annette Comer, Christa Linder
Here's a gory Mexican horror film that was released here in a heavily censored form (it ran
under 70 minutes!). Well now it's available in all its gory glory with an extra 10 minutes of
nudity and violence. rene Cardona Jr directs and Hugo Stiglitz stars as a crazed serial killer
who feeds his cats the remains of his female victims. Eventually they prove to be his undoing.
Annette Comer and Christa Linder co-star
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The Night Of The Executioner Add to Shopping Cart
Paul Naschy 1994
Paul Naschy
In Spanish only. Paul Naschy directs and stars in this unreleased, gory remake of DEATH
WISH. A gang of scumbags break into his house, brutally rape his wife and daughter and then
kill them in front of his eyes. Naschy recovers and becomes a one-man killing machine as he
spends the balance of the film gorily dispatching the murderers of his family. Lots of nudity and
quite violent
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The Nude Beast Add to Shopping Cart
Emilio Vieyra 1967
In Spanish only. This over the top trash spectacle is from Argentina and one of that country's
wildest films. A masked psychopath is killing strippers in a downtown theater. The highlight of
the film is when the strippers attend a psychedelic party that features lesbians and a guillotine
climax! By Emilio Vieyra, the director of THE CURIOUS DR HUMPP
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The Penthouse Add to Shopping Cart
Peter Collinson 1967
Suzy Kendall, Martine Beswick
OK, here is a film that if you haven't seen then, YOU MUST SEE THIS FILM!! I loved it and it
lived up to the buildup I had given it in my mind over the years!! Suzy Kendall is a frustrated
lover living in a high-rise penthouse with a boring businessman. Soon their comfort zone is
invaded by 2 thugs and before too long, they unleash the nymphomaniac that was Suzy
Kendall!! She is screwing both men one at a time 2 at a time all the while her husband looks
on!! Kendall seems to revel in the degradation much to her lover's disgust. Wait till you see
who plays the third thug Harry!! There a bunch of twists and turns as director Collinson never
lets things get dull. A great 60s film.
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The Premonition Add to Shopping Cart
In Swedish with English subtitles, letterboxed print. Mikaela is a beautiful blonde highschool
student who begins to have visions of people she knows dying and experiencing Deja Vu. She
also becomes obsessed with her language teacher who may be into things on the kinky side.
Before she knows it a serial killer has targeted her and fellow students as his next victims. This
is a great little film, well directed and stylishly photographed. All that cold weather must do
something to inspire these Nordic directors.
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The Perfect Murder Add to Shopping Cart
English subtitles, letterboxed print. A terrific thriller from Norway about an actress, who looks
like Greta Garbo, starring in a film about a woman serial killer obsessed with Greta Garbo
(reality and fantasy mix quite often in this film!). When the director begins receiving weird
messages and a real female serial killer begins acting out the screenplay, you have to wonder
if the actress is taking her part too seriously. Well directed, great score, a beautiful lead actress
and nudity, all mix to make this one worth a look
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The Prince Of Terror Add to Shopping Cart
Lamberto Bava 1989
Tomas Arana, David Brandon
Tomas Arana plays a director who hates his screenplay writer (David Brandon) so much he
gets him fired from his latest horror film. Soon his life begins to resemble one of his films as he
and his family are under siege by a pair of maniacs. Is Brandon trying to gain the ultimate
revenge? Features one of the most offbeat endings involving the game of golf and gory
demises! Sergio Stivaletti designed the effects and Lamberto Bava directs, Carol Andre co-
stars. There is a logo at the bottom of the screen
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The Red Monks Add to Shopping Cart
Lara Wendell, Malisa Longo
A man follows a nude woman into an old castle where he's promptly decapitated. Flashback 50
years where we discover a young woman (Lara Wendel) marries a strange man who lives with
his equally weird housekeeper (Malisa Longo). Unfortunately for the new bride, her husband
has to sacrifice her to satisfy a cult of monks he belongs to.
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The Road Builder Add to Shopping Cart
Alastair Reid 1971
Patricia Neal, Pamela Brown, Nicholas Clay
British made pyschological thriller about a macabre love that turns very deadly. Alastair Reid
directs and Patricia Neal, Pamela Brown and Nicholas Clay co-star
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The Room Next Door Add to Shopping Cart
Fabrizio Laurenti 1994
Mary Sellars
Italian horror film shot in Chicago by pupi Avati's production team (he wrote and produced).
Director Fabrizio Laurentis does an excellent job of transferring Avati's best known horror film
THE HOUSE WITH THE WINDOWS THAT LAUGHED to an American perspective. A young man
returns to a house from his childhood that holds some dreadful secrets that he must uncover to
be able to get on with his life. Mary (PERVERSE ATTRACTION) Sellars co-stars.
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The Sandman Add to Shopping Cart
Gotz George
In German with English subtitles, letterboxed print. Gotz George plays a suspected serial killer
very bleak and pessimistic film that really explores the inner workings of the mind of a
psychotic killer
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The Savage Three Add to Shopping Cart
Joe Dallasandro, Enrico Maria Salerno, Martine Brochard
Nasty crime film starring Joe Dallesandro, Martine Brochard and Enrico Maria Salerno.
Dallesandro and 2 other punks go on a crazy rape and kill crime spree. They kill prostitutes
with knives, run over people and unbelievebly ram a tow motor blade right through the chest of
one of their rape victims. Way over the top!!
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The She Rat Add to Shopping Cart
Martin Buchorn 1997
Matthias Habich, Sunnyi Melles
In german with English subtitles. An excellent black humored sf/horror film about people
terrorized by a gian rodent who may be someone they know. Violent and definitely a cult film in
the making! Matthias Habich and Sunnyi Melles co-stars, directed by Martin Buchhorn.
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The Sleeping Car Murders Add to Shopping Cart
Costa Gravas 1966
Jean Louis-Trintignant, Michel Piccoli, Simone Signoret, Yves Montand
Excellent French thriller with an allstar cast and it marks the debut of director Costa Gravas.
Yves Montand plays a world weary cop investigating the murder of a woman inside a sleeping
car on the train. Pretty soon, the other people in the compartment are also turning up dead.
Very much in the style of an Italian Giallo, the B&W cinematography really adds to the film's
mood. Also starring Jean Louis Trintignant, Simone Signoret and Michel Piccoli. The final car
chase complete with surf guitar score is a riot
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The Spider Labyrinth Add to Shopping Cart
If you haven't seen this excellent and quite creepy Italian horror film, then now's your chance.
Professor Whitmore is sent to Hungary to find a missing colleague. As soon as he arrives, shit
happens and the man is found hung by the neck. Everyone around him acts suspiciously and he
begins to fear for his own life. He uncovers an ancient cult who worship an elder spider god. If
Argento ever returned to making Supernatural horror films, they would look something like this
stylish exercise. Letterboxed print
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To The Limit Add to Shopping Cart
Beatrice Dalle, Bud Spencer
In Spanish with English subtitles, letterboxed print. An excellent Spanish thriller with a terrific
plot that twists and turns throughout! Beatrice Dalle plays a sleazy radio talkshow host who is
chosen by a sick psycho to be his obsession. He calls her show and kills his female victims right
on her program!! Believe it or not Bud Spencer has a great part as a tough cop.
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Tomb Of The Living Dead Add to Shopping Cart
Jesus Franco 1984
Eduardo Fajardo, Lina Romay
In Spanish only, letterboxed print. Here's a Jess Franco film thought to be lost. Many people
confuse this with OASIS OF THE LIVING DEAD which was directed by Marius Lesoeur, took
some scenes from TOMB and then added new characters to it. This is the original Franco
version as it features Lina Romay and Eduardo Fajardo, who were not in OASIS...Fajardo steals
a fortune hunter's map that reveals the whereabouts of hidden Nazi gold. Unfortunately it's
guarded by Zombies from the 3rd Reich
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Topline Add to Shopping Cart
Nello Rosatti 1988
Franco Nero, Deborah Moore, George Kennedy, William Berger
Stupid title for this action film that halfway in turns into a ripoff of THE TERMINATOR and ALIEN.
Franco Nero stars as an alcoholic journalist trying for a big story about the South American
drug wars. Instead he finds a spaceship, robot and monster. Director Nello Rosatti also made
DJANGO STRIKES AGAIN with Nero and does a great job here. deborah Moore, William berger
and George Kennedy also star.
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Unman, Wittering And Zigo Add to Shopping Cart
David Hemmings, Carolyn Seymour
David Hemmings plays a new school teacher who discovers to his horror that he has replaced
someone who may have been murdered by his own students. Extremely creepy, you will be
caught off guard throughout by the many plot twists. A suspenseful little masterpiece, Douglas
Wilmer and Carolyn Seymour co-star.
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Until Death Add to Shopping Cart
Lamberto Bava 1984
Gioa Maria Scotese, David Brandon, Urbano Barberini
This is one of Lamberto Bava's better horror efforts. Gioia Maria Scotese (a beautiful brunette)
teams up with her lover (played by David Brandon) to kill her husband. A stranger (OPERA's
Urbano Barbieri) shows up and seems to know every move they make. When he starts to
exhibit tendecies of the living dead, the couple begin to worry for their very lives.
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Valerie And Her Week Of Wonders Add to Shopping Cart
Jaromil Jires 1970
Jaroslava Schallerova
In Czech with English subtitles. Incredible surrealistic film about a young girl on the threshold of
womanhood whose dreams and reality involve vampires, witchcraft and mysticism. Brief
nudity and imagery not found in any contemporary bullshit Amercian films. Starring Jaroslava
Schallerova and directed by Jaromil Jires.
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Voices Add to Shopping Cart
David Hemmings, Gayle Hunnicut
VERY RARE BRITISH HORROR FILM! David Hemmings and Gayle Hunnicut star in this Ghost film
centered around an old house. Hunnicut is convinced she hears the voices of the dead, but
Hemmings just thinks she's overly sensitive. He slowly comes over to her way of thinking once
he sees a series of shadowy figures traipsing through the house. What the Hell is going on.
Very rare print.
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Voodoo Passion Add to Shopping Cart
Jesus Franco 1977
Vicky Adams, Jack Taylor, Karine Gambier
English language version of Jesus Franco's DER RUF DER BLONDEN GODDESS, is one of the
Great Man's sleaziest films. Vicky Adams plays a young wife who visits her rich husband (Jack
Taylor) on a tropical island. As soon as she arrives, she gets an eyeful of Jack's nympho sister
(Karine Gambier) who screws anything that walks (thank God there are no horses or dogs on
this island!). Taylor's housekeeper is into voodoo and casts a spell on Adams to gain revenge
on the evil man. Lots of nudity and sleaze in this one!
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What Became Of Jack And Jill Add to Shopping Cart
Vanessa Howard
Little seen Amicus Studio film that stars Vanessa Howard, the Lolita-like slut from MUMSY,
NANNY SONNY AND GIRLY. A young man wants his Grandmother's fortune and devises what he
thinks is a full-proof plan to get it. He convinces her that a youth movement is out to kill her to
make room for those much younger than her. She has that fatal heart attack but is still able to
deny him what he wants from beyond the grave
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Whirlpool Add to Shopping Cart
Jose Larraz 1970
Karl lanchbury, Sibyla Grey, Pia Andersen
I have been looking for this, Jose Larraz's debut film for over 20 years and now here it finally
is. Let me be upfront and say it's not perfect looking so if you demand perfection, then continue
to wait. However it is quite watchable but there is a time clock at the top right of the picture.
An intense horror film, it features many who would go on to be regulars in his films. Karl
Lanchbury, Sibyla Grey, and Pia Andersen star. Lanchbury plays a neurotic artist who lives with
an older woman whom he seduces and she brings pretty young victims back to her country
villa so he can kill them. The rape scenes are intense and there's plenty of nudity. Highly
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Witch Story Add to Shopping Cart
Alessandro Capone 1990
Letterboxed print.This gory modern day horror film is set in Boston and features a beautiful
blonde witch who returns from the past to exact her bloody revenge on the town who, centuries
earlier, had her burned at the stake. Directed by Alessandro Capone (scriptwriter of Deodato's
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Without Apparent Motive Add to Shopping Cart
Jean Louis-Trintignant, Carla Gravina, Laura Antonelli
A french thriller starring Jean Louis Trintignant as a cop who goes to extreme measures to
discover why members of an acting troup are being picked off by a sniper. The cast includes
Carla (THE ANTICHRIST) Gravina, Stephane Audran and a young Laura Antonelli. This is great
little film
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If you can't find the film that you're looking for, please email me as I have many more titles available than are listed on the website