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Dinner With a Vampire Add to Shopping Cart
Lamberto Bava 1987
George Hilton
Four young people head to a gothic castle to audition for a horror film being produced by
famous director Yurick. Turns out that Yurick (played by George Hilton) is really a vampire who
traps people and gives them one to kill him before he vampirizes them. A slick piece of
entertainment directed by Lamberto Bava with a score by ex-Goblin member Claudio
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Distant Lights Add to Shopping Cart
Tomas Milian, William Berger
This is an extremely unsettling film, like an Italian version of INVASION OF THE BODY
SNATCHERS. It centers on the recently widowed Tomas Milian whose son claims he has been
playing with his dead mother. Soon after Milian catches glimpses of her and others who have
recently died. They have no knowledge of their recent past lives and refer to themselves as
lights who come from faraway. William Berger also stars as a father who will do anything to
restore his dead daughter back to life
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Door To Silence Add to Shopping Cart
Lucio Fulci 1994
John Savage
Here's Lucio Fulci's last film and it's a definite change of pace for the maestro of gore. Shot in
Louisiana, it stars John Savage (who looks like he's been on a 10 year drunk) as a man who
can't seem to communicate with those around him. Think of the film as Fulci's version of
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Expulsion Of The Devil Add to Shopping Cart
Juan Bunel 1972
Francoise Prevost, gerard Depardieu
In French with English subtitles, letterboxed print. Now here's a Hell of a sleeper! Director Juan
Bunuel (THE LADY WITH RED BOOTS), has made a great little horror film with elements of THE
HAUNTING. A couple and their 2 children move into a beautiful old house in the country. Almost
at once they are under attack by an evil ghost or spirit. It gets so bad they move out and bring
a group of experts to discover what is going on. When a school bus full of young girls show up
and they become possessed by the evil, all Hell breaks loose. A young Gerard Depardieu co-
stars as well as Francoise Prevost. Shocking violence and nudity make this a terrific
experience. Trust me on this one.
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Eye Of The Cat Add to Shopping Cart
David Lowell Rich 1968
Gayle Hunnicut, Eleanor Parker
Rare Uncut Version of this Hammer thriller starring Gayle Hunnicut as scheming heiress who
has a morbid fear of cats, and when you see what happens to her in this film, it's for good
reason! David Lowell Rich directs. Michael Sarrazin and Eleanor Parker co-star
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Flowers Of Blood Add to Shopping Cart
Gordon Mitchell
In Spanish only, letterboxed print. If you've seen the new Video Watchdog then you read about
this ultra-obscure Gordon Mitchell horror film. He plays a mad scientist who tries to reanimate
his dead wife. Full of nudity and outrageous violence, check this sick puppy out
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Fragment Of Fear Add to Shopping Cart
David Hemmings, Gayle Hunnicut
Excellent British Thriller that is really a precursor in some ways to the early Italian thrillers of
Dario Argento. David Hemmings (who went on to star in DEEP RED) plays an author who is
resting in Rome. His favorite Aunt is murdered there and he begins to delve into the case. It
becomes fairly obvious someone doesn't want his involvement and his life is soon in great
danger. Gayle Hunnicut co-stars and it features one of the best Jazz/Funk scores ever. A real
sleeper of a film.
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Gimlet Add to Shopping Cart
Jose Luis Acosta 1995
Angela Molina, Viggo Mortensen
In Spanish with yellow English subtitles, letterboxed print. Yes sir! Here's a high octane horror
thriller from Spain that I highly recommend! A woman (Angela Molina) finds a human heart in
her Bar. She's being secretly videotaped by a deranged serial killer who violently does away
with anyone close to her. The cops put several men on the case to protect her but the killer is
too smart and finally gets her alone. Will he make her his final victim? Viggo Mortensen co-
stars and the film was directed by Jose Luis Acosta
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Hell's Gate Add to Shopping Cart
Umberto Lenzi 1988
Giacomo Rossi Stuart
In Italian with English subtitles, letterboxed print. Umberto Lenzi directs this Horror film about a
group of zombie monks who are revived inside a cave and are soon killing off a group of
archaeologists and their helpers. Barbara Cupisto , Giacomo Rossi Stuart, and Gaetano Russo
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House Of Lost Souls Add to Shopping Cart
Umberto Lenzi 1989
Letterboxed print. Back in 1969, a crazy motel owner murdered unsuspecting travellers.
Twenty years later, a group of teenagers take refuge in the long abandoned lodge and begin to
be massacred by the original murdered tenants. Directed by Umberto Lenzi with a score by
Claudio Simonetti, the film contains decapitations and other gruesome deaths
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House Of Witchcraft Add to Shopping Cart
Umberto Lenzi 1989
Sonia Petrova, Andy Forest
Letterboxed print, Horror films about witches always creep me out (Damiani's THE WITCH is by
far the best in that respect) and here's a good one by Umberto Lenzi. A young man (Andy
Forest) is having nightmares about a house out in the country where a cruel witch boils
decapitated heads. He and his wife are not getting along and so they decide to spend time out
in the country. Turns out the house is the same one as in his dream and so you just know that
old witch is going to show up sooner or later. Sonia Petrova co-stars.
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House On The Outskirts Add to Shopping Cart
Eugenio Martin 1980
Alida Valli, Silvia Aguilar
In Spanish with English subtitles. Silvia Aquilar stars as a woman who suffered a traumatic
abortion years earlier and thanks to her husband, ends up back where the operation was
performed. Upstairs is a crazy nurse (Alida Valli) who is now killing her former patients.
Atmospheric and a disturbing watch, this horror film was directed by Eugenio Martin.
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Human Animals Add to Shopping Cart
Julia Saly
Folks, if you haven't caught up with this demented cult film from Spain, now's the time! There's
not a word of dialogue in this film which only adds to the strangeness. It's the end of the world
and 2 men, one woman, and her german shepherd are the only survivors. The two guys want
the girl, but she's a bit partial to the pooch! There are many more demented twist and turns
before the film's conclusion. Lead Julia Saly appears totally nude through 90% of the film.
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Hunchback Of The Morgue Add to Shopping Cart
Paul Naschy
Here's a beautiful quality, letterboxed copy of the Naschy film out here as THE RUE MORGUE
MASSACRE. Now, let me be honest (Something my competitors refuse to) and let you know
THERE IS NO EXTRA GORE OR NUDITY IN THIS PRINT. I don't give a fuck what others say, if
you buy this sick classic, do so for the quality of the presentation and not for the BULLSHIT
claims. Naschy is the title creature who helps a doctor create a new life form
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Hunting Ground Add to Shopping Cart
Jorge Grau 1984
Assumpta Serna
Excellent but incredibly violent film in the mold of LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT. A woman lawyer
(Assumpta Serna) sends a gang of scumbags to prison but they escape and soon track her to
her country villa where they mount an all-out attack on her and her family. One scene is
incredibly sick as she has her crotch scalded by a blowtorch! Jorge (LET SLEEPING CORPSES
LIE) Grau directs.
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I Bought A Vampire Motorcycle Add to Shopping Cart
Anthony Daniels
A motorcycle gang slaughters a group of satanists, but don't realize one of their motorcycles
becomes possessed by a blood drinking demon! Soon after, members of the gang are being
slaughtered for their blood. Violent and filled with black humor (a talking turd is one of the
highlights), this British film features lots of decapitations and a hilarious exorcism performed by
STAR WARS Anthony Daniels
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Imperfect Crimes Add to Shopping Cart
Dalia Di Lazzaro
In Italian with English subtitles. Dalila Di Lazzaro stars in this new Giallo by Fabrizio Laurenti. A
psychiatrist is murdered and a rich heiress (Di Lazzaro) fears her disturbed lover will be
implicated as the killer. She hires an ex-lover lawyer friend to help her defend him but when he
turns up dead, the lawyer realizes he's in over his head. Di Lazzaro still looks great (and has
some nudity to prove it) in this densely plotted film
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Invasion Add to Shopping Cart
Alan Bridges 1966
Edward Judd, Tsai Chin, Yoko Tanni
Vary rare B&W British Science Fiction film directed by Alan Bridges. Edward Judd plays a doctor
who discovers a hit and run victim he's working on is really an alien from outer space. The
alien's two accomplices want him back so they can continue their covert mission. Yoko Tani and
Tsai Chin co-star in this moody low budget obscurity
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Kamikaze Add to Shopping Cart
In French with English subtitles, letterboxed print. Written and produced by Luc Besson, this is a
great French horror/SF film. A TV hostess introduces a children's show when her chest
explodes on camera! The police are baffled until one lone cop takes over the case. He
discovers a disgruntled scientist has devised a weapon that travels through his TV set and into
the camera facing the person he's watching, causing their insides to turn inside out
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Killer Crocodile Add to Shopping Cart
Gianetto De Rossi 1988
Van Johnson, Anthony Crenna
Even though the plot of this film is nothing more than a clone of JAWS, it is gory and the special
effects are quite good. Especially fun is the direct ripoff of John Williams music by Riz Ortolani.
A group of young scientists headed by Anthony Crenna, are slowly being chewed up by a
gigantic reptile. Van Johnson co-stars and it was directed by Fabrizio De Angelis
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Killer Crocodile 2 Add to Shopping Cart
Gianetto De Rossi 1988
Anthony Crenna
loody sequel that features excellent SPFX, lots of bloody deaths and plenty of suspense.
Directed by SPFX artist Gianetto Di Rossi and starring Anthony Crenna with a JAWS inspired
score by Riz Ortolani!
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Kira Add to Shopping Cart
Enzo Castellari 1979
Leonora Fanni, Vincent Gardenia
Enzo Castellari's only horror film is now available with english subs English! Leonora (GIALLO A VENEZIA)
Fanni plays a young woman who has returned to her home where her mother was accused of
being a Witch. She also has this small problem, every time she has an orgasm, she dies and
her stays dead until her partner has a mysterious accident and is killed. Once that happens,
she returns to life (I don't know about you but she would be the last woman in town I would
screw!). As if that weren't enough, this film has one of the greatest cat fights I've ever seen
between Fanni and her crazy sister!! Vincent Gardenia co-stars.
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Kiss My Blood Add to Shopping Cart
Anya Fischer, Nadja Rieger
In German with english subtitles, letterboxed print. Here's an excellent German vampire film
with just the right mix of sex, violence and wit. A vampiress goes to the big city for a new
supply of victims. She falls for a married woman whose husband is a real asshole. Guess what
plans our Vampiress has for this loser?! Anya Fischer and Nadja Rieger co-star
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La Matanza De Cannibals Add to Shopping Cart
In Spanish only. Here's an outrageous gore movie that owes a lot to THE TEXAS CHAINSAW
MASSACRE. Two couples out for a drive have car trouble and end up at the home of a family of
cannibals. The daughter is a nymphomaniac who tears the entrails out of her victims right after
screwing them, Junior is handy with a knife and cuts out the hearts for a BBQ sandwich (he's
also good at beating people to death with their severed appendages!) and Papa who watches
over them. It gets really gross when Jr sucks the brains out of sister's newborn child (Ugh!).
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Lady Frankenstein Add to Shopping Cart
Mel Welles 1972
Rosalba Neri, Joseph Cotton, Mickey Hargitay
Now that everyone rushed out and bought what they thought was going to be the definitive
version of this film on DVD and it turned out they were ripped off big time, here is the uncut
english language version that runs over 94 minutes!! Rosalba Neri stars as the good doctor's
daughter that turns out to be horny for a monster with staying power and a big brain too boot!
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Land Of Death Add to Shopping Cart
Bruno Mattei 2003
Letterboxed print. Since Bruno Mattei never got a chance to make a Cannibal movie like
Deodato and Lenzi in the 80s, what the hell, here he comes now trying to out gross that pair!! A
group of marines are trapped in the jungle and try to stay of the barbeque spit long enough to
rescue a chief's daughter. Lots of gut munching and spears piercing human flesh, Bruno is
single handedly keeping Italian exploitation films on the map!!
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Licantropus Add to Shopping Cart
Paul Naschy
Here's Paul Naschy's newest werewolf fim which retells his origins again in a different light.
Once again he's a poor innocent guy who falls under the spell of the full moon. The makeup
makes him look like Jack Nicholson from WOLF. There's a logo at the bottom of the screen.
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Long Twilight Add to Shopping Cart
In Yugoslavian with yellow English subtitles, letterboxed print. A very creepy film from
Yugoslavia based on a story by Shirley (THE HAUNTING) Jackson. An old woman has an
unsettling experience on a bus and ends up being let off in the middle of nowhere. A couple of
truck drivers pick her up and they too act pretty weird. She's taken to a small village where
she stays at a motel peopled by weirdos. That night hallucinations appear and she ends up
back on the bus only this time her experiences are different. What the HELL is going on?
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Lost Soul Add to Shopping Cart
Dino Risi 1975
Catherine Deneuve, Vittorio Gassman
In Italian with English subtitles. A terrific Gothic Chiller starring Catherine Deneuve and Vittorio
Gassman! Deneuve comes to work at the house where Gassman lives and falls in love with
him. What she doesn't know is that he has a crazy twin brother in the attic!
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Loves Of The Monster Add to Shopping Cart
Sergio Garrone 1974
Klaus Kinski, Katia Christine
In Italian with English subtitles, letterboxed print. Sergio (SS EXPERIMENTS) Garrone directs
this excellent Gothic horror film that features lots of nudity and violence. Klaus Kinski plays a
man obsessed by his late father's macabre experiments in raising the dead. He soon mutates
into a monster when an experiment goes awry. Katia Christine co-stars.
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Malenka Niece Of The Vampire Add to Shopping Cart
Amando de Ossorio 1968
Anita Ekberg, Diana Lorys
This was released here in a cut form under the title FANGS OF THE LIVING DEAD. This version
runs 17 minutes longer! Anita Ekberg plays a woman who has inherited an ancient castle. Too
bad it's full of bloodsucking vampires (or is it?).
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Maniac Killer Add to Shopping Cart
Andrea Bianchi 1988
Chuck Connors, Bo Swenson, Robert Ginty
Women are being kidnapped and taken to a dungeon where they are whipped and tortured by
a man dressed like a red robed KKK member. His mission is to remove Satan from the bodies
of sinful women. When he kidnaps a pimp's best piece of ass, the criminal element of Paris
decide to take action. The locals suspect that weird ol' Professor (Chuck Connors!) is behind
the disapperances because of his strange experiments. When the Countess Silvano disappears,
her husband (Bo Svenson, in way over his head here) decides to help out and take justice into
his own hands (Bufford Pusser with a shitty brit accent!). Robert Ginty co-stars as the maniac
killer in a Eurocine production by Andrea Bianchi. The film veers wildly between trashiness and
piss-poor action sequences.
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Marta Add to Shopping Cart
Jose Condes Nieves 1972
Marissa Mell, Stephen Boyd
Letterboxed print. Finally, this very entertaining Spanish lensed ripoff of PSYCHO by director
Jose Nieves Conde is now available uncut and in English for the first time. Stephen Boyd is a
mother-obsessed psycho who murdered his first wife. When her twin sisters (Played by Marisa
Mell and boy does she have a lot of nude scenes here!) shows up looking for her, more
skeletons in Boyd's closet are about to be revealed. Howard Ross co-stars. Please note there is
a time clock at the bottom of the screen.
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Mask Of Murder Add to Shopping Cart
Arne Mattson 1985
Christopher Lee, Rod Taylor, Valerie Perrine
Women are being brutally murdered, their throats slit with a razor by a masked madman. He's
tracked down by the police and killed after a brief gun battle. One of the cops (Rod Taylor)
keeps the killer's mask and when he discovers his wife (Valerie Perrine who has a nude scene)
is fooling around on him, he puts on the mask and becomes a killer himself. Is he really crazy
now or is this an elaborate scheme to get even with his wife and lover. His boss (Christopher
Lee) is the only one who might be able to figure it out. An excellent horror film with a great
cast. Directed by Arne (THE GIRL) Mattsson
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Massacre Add to Shopping Cart
Andrea Bianchi 1989
Patrizia Falcone, Silvia Conti, Maurice Poli
In Italian with English subtitles. Andrea Bianchi, the king of sleaze directs this gross, over the
top horror film that also pours on the nudity too! We are on the set of a horror film where the
cast is being graphically slaughtered for real!! Highly enjoyable and recommended! Patrizia
Falcone, Silvia Conti and Maurice Poli co-star
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Maya Add to Shopping Cart
Marcello Avallone 1988
Mariella Valentina
A terrific exotic Italian horror film shot in South America by director Marcello Avallone. People
in a small village are being ritually slaughtered by an unseen force. A woman (Mariella
Valentini) from NY comes to town to identify her dead father and ends up enlisting an ex-patriot
American to find out why her dad died. Not your typical Italo-horror film plot, it's a shame this
type of off-kilter approach was not a success. Plenty of nudity and gore help to maintain
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Morbus Add to Shopping Cart
In Spanish only. This one has it all: sex, drugs and flesh-eating zombies. A trio of prostitutes
(who says there aren't any good roles for women in Euro-trash films!?) are invited to a client's
place in the country. They are attacked by a group of zombies and escape to a house occupied
by a famous writer of horror stories. Nearby, a cult of devil worshippers (which is of course an
excuse to show even more skin) are next on the zombie menu as they are attacked and wiped
out. Finally, the zombies stage an attack on the home of the writer in an obvious nod to NIGHT
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