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Beautiful Antonia Is Both A Nun And A Demon Add to Shopping Cart


Edwige Fenech

In Italian only. Whew, fans of Edwige Fenech will be happy to see this obscure sex film she

stars in. A sexy-Decameron film she plays Antonia, who hides out in a nunnery to escape a

suitor. She quickly learns the nuns are as horny as she is!!

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Behind Convent Walls Add to Shopping Cart

Walerian Borowczyk 1977

Ligia Branice, Marina Pierro, Olivia Pascal

Letterboxed print. Walerian (THE BEAST ) Borowczyk brings his own warped perspective to the

nunsploitation genre in this film that stars Ligia Branice, Marina Pierro and Olivia Pascal. All the

staples of the genre are here: lesbianism, masturbation, horny nuns and a sadistic mother

superior. Highly recommended!

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Crazy Nuns Add to Shopping Cart

Jesus Franco 1974

Lina Romay, Pamela Stanford

In French only. A group of prostitutes (including Lina Romay and Pamela Stanford who really

have a hot sex scene in this one) are arrested but escape into a nunnery. Before long the girls

are corrupting all those innocent nuns and teaching them the joys of sex. When she's not busy

seducing the nuns Lina also plays a Zorro-like character who drives the local sheriff nuts!

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Forgive Me Father Lorenzo, I Have A Face For Sin Add to Shopping Cart

Paolo Solvay 1972

Rosalba Neri, Mirella Rossi, Christa Linder

In Italian only. For fans of Rosalba Neri, here's a terrific sexy nun film she shot back to back

with THE DEVIL'S WEDDING NIGHT (same director and co-star). A man hides out a convent

and soon realizes it is filled with kinky nuns! Mirella Rossi and Christa Linder co-star

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Love Letters From A Portuguese Nun Add to Shopping Cart

Jesus Franco 1976

Susan Hemmingway, William Berger

One of Franco's better films is now available in pre-record quality! Susan Hemmingway (a real

virginal type which makes all the abuse she suffers in this film all the more effective) stars as a

young girl sent to a cruel and evil convent where all manner of perversities are performed on

her person. Hey, this is a Franco film. William Berger co-stars. $15

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The Abbess Of Castro Add to Shopping Cart

Amando Crispino 1973

Barbara Bouchet, Evelyne Stewart

In Italian only. Barbara Bouchet stars as the titular character who falls in lust with the local

Duke. He eventually seduces her and this causes her and her other nuns to become victims of

the local inquisition. One is shown to be tortured in graphic form (whipped, put on the rack and

then burnt alive!). The film co-stars Evelyne Stewart as a nun with an evil side.

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The Devils Of Monza Add to Shopping Cart

Luciano Odoriso 1987

Myriem Roussel

Another nunsploitation film centering around the nunnery at Monza where a nun got pregnant

and had to be killed to keep the scandal silent. This version stars Myriem Roussel

andAlessandro Gassman, directed by Luciano Odorisio

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