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Blue Jeans Add to Shopping Cart
Gloria Guida in italian with english subs
Oh My God! Once you see the opening credits over Gloria Guida's perfect
bottom hanging out of the tightest pair of cutoffs, there's no way to resist this one! Guida plays
a prostitute who schemes her way into the life of a rich guy, making him believe she's his
daughter. She tries to drive him nuts with her body so she can inherit his wealth. Lots of nudity
and sleaze in this one.
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Blue Movie Add to Shopping Cart
Alberto Cavellone 1978
Patrizia Funari in italian with english subs
letterboxed print. By the director of the demented MAN, WOMAN AND BEAST!
This film is about a sex obsessed photographer who drives his models crazy with his perverse
requests. He finally discovers a girl who lets him have his way. Patriza Funari co-stars.
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Blue Nude Add to Shopping Cart
Luigi Scattini 1977
Susan Elliot, Jack Stuart in italian with english subs
letterboxed print. Luigi (WITCHCRAFT 70) Scattini directs this crazy Italian sex
film about an Italian immigrant who comes to America to become the next Robert de Niro. It
doesn't take long before he spirals downward appearing in porno films and ultimately stars in a
snuff film!. Susan Elliot and Jack Stuart co-stars
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Blue Paradise Add to Shopping Cart
Joe D'Amato 1988
Anna bergman
In Italian only. Anna Bergman (Ingrid Bergman's grand-daughter!) and Lucie Hernandez
star in this Joe D'Amato sleaze fest ripoff of BLUE LAGOON with plenty of
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Bonnie And Clyde Italian Style Add to Shopping Cart
Jean Sorel, Ornella Muti, Paolo Villaggio
In Italian only, letterboxed print. Ornella Muti, Paolo Villagio, and Jean Sorel star in this Italian
sex comedy. Villagio and Muti play 2 of life's losers who are kidnapped together during a bank
robbery. They end up with the money but are now wanted by the police and the original gang
that committed the robbery!
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Sleazy Greek Crime film, made in B&W and very similar to the German thrillers made about the same time. Directed by: Grigoris Grigoriou, Stars: Giorgos Foundas, Ketty Theohary, Betty Arvaniti. Trouba ‘67 or Sinful Women in Trouba  is sort of sex and drugs and the communist’s manual in one economic pack, labelled something like “The Politically Inactivated Whore’s Blues”. Feeding on the big success of “The Red Lanterns” in 1963, a nicely done whore melodrama, in the following years Greek directors shot dozens of films about the dark nightlife of Trouba, the notorious area in Piraeus where brothels and nightclubs abounded in the 60’s. A night watchman falls for a nightclub singer in Troube, and convinces her to stay with him and leave the world of the night. She, however, when he discovers that they are poor, returns to his old life and gets involved in a drug trafficking case, which moves the boss. The night watchman would try to save the girl, but the gang scuffle with police, his beloved falls dead.

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