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Born Under A Bad Sign Add to Shopping Cart
1976 in english  1975
A girl runs away from home after almost being raped by her stepfather. She meets an older
woman and to raise some cash, they decide to pose nude for artistic photo sessions. They are
soon busted and sent to prison, where a sadistic lesbian wardeness (now that's a big surprise!)
gives them a taste of the lash. They soon escape with the help of a fellow prisoner and her
boyfriend and decide to become armed robbers. Then things really go downhill for the odd
couple in this nudity filled, French made sleazefest
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Brazen Women Add to Shopping Cart
Edwige fenech, Michaela May
Period piece like the SEXY SUSAN series with even more nudity! This one stars Edwige Fenech,
Michaela May, Angelica Ott, and Sieghardt Rupp. A group of women are frustrated in their
marriages as they are young and horny and all their husbands are old fogeys. So they must
look elsewhere for sex. Stay tuned at the end for a sexy surprise from the old EROS channel
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Brutal Nights Of Linda Add to Shopping Cart
Jesus Franco 1973
Lina Romay, Alice Arno
letterboxed print. Morbid sex thriller by Jess Franco that features Alice Arno as
an au pair girl who goes to a secluded Greek island to care for a rich man's daughters. They
are royally screwed up as one's a nympho and the other is paralyzed but crazy. One of
Franco's better seventies efforts and the print quality is very good
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Burn Boy Burn Add to Shopping Cart
Fernando Di Leo 1969
Francoise Prevost, Monica Stebel in english with japanese subs, letterboxed print
Excellent erotic film by Fernando Di Leo starring Francoise Prevost (lots of nude scenes!),
Monica Strebel, and Gianni Macchia. Prevost plays an older woman who is first seduced by the
younger Macchia and slowly finds herself becoming his slave. Kinky and hot!
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Caged Women Add to Shopping Cart
Pilar Orive, Aldo Sambrell, Isabel Libossart
One of the best women in prison films in a long time; it stars Pilar Orive,
Isabel Libossart, Elena Wiedermann and Aldo Sambrell. Women are sent to a tropical prison
where the sadistic warden picks out a favorite and turns her loose on the island so he can have
the pleasure of hunting her down like an animal. Extremely sleazy and delivers the nudity!!
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