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Candido Erotico Add to Shopping Cart
Claudio De Molino 1980
Lili Carati
Carlo is a male model who performs nightly at Copenhagen's live sex shows. He's hired by an
older couple to spice up their sex life, but when Carlo meets their younger daughter (played by
SKIN DEEP's Lili Carati), he decides to work overtime trying to seduce her as well. This of
course horrifies Mom and Dad. The real problem turns out to be the fact that Carlo can't
perform for his new bride unless there is an audience, so he tries to get her to have sex in
public places. She'll have none of that at first, but eventually hits upon a novel solution to his
problem. Ajita Wilson co-stars as a performer at Carlo's sex club. Directed by THE COUNTRY
LADY's Claudio de Molino
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Capri:Paradise Of Love Add to Shopping Cart
Sharon Cain, Tony Kendall
Alberto (Tony Kendall) and Ingrid (Sharon Cain) are vacationing on the island of Capri. Alberto
likes to watch Ingrid make love to strangers while he reminisces about his former wife, a busty
French girl. Why can't Alberto make love to Ingrid? Well, the flashbacks to his first wife detail
what happened and while I don't want to give anything away, it involves a long blade knife!
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Carnal Contact Add to Shopping Cart
George Hilton, Anita Strindberg, Calvin Lockhart in english with greek subs
Excellent sexy drama about a businessman (George Hilton) and his entourage who come to
Africa to seal a deal. Lots of screwing goes on between the cast (which includes Calvin THE
BEAST MUST DIE Lockhart and Anita Strindberg) and there's a perfect twist ending.
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Catherine And Company Add to Shopping Cart
Jane Birkin, Patrick Deware
Jane Birkin stars in this French sex film about a young liberated woman who finds herself
involved with a variety of men. She finally gets her own apartment and discovers the owner is
a man (Patrick Deware) she could really learn to love!! She decides to incorporate herself so
she can profit from a variety of men who want to make love to her. Sexy and a great 70s film
in look and sound
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