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Catherine Cherie Add to Shopping Cart

Hubert Frank 1978

Berta Carre, Ajita Wilson

Excellent German sexploitation by one of the better directors, Hubert Frank who made many of

the SCHOOLGIRL REPORTS films. Berta Carre, Ajita Wilson and Dagmar Altmen star. Carre

plays Catherine, a sexual predator who seduces both men and women to get what she wants.

Plenty of nudity and beautifully photographed locations, this one is extremely sexy.

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Cecilia Add to Shopping Cart

Jesus Franco 1982

Vicky Adams, Lina Romay, Robert Foster

Incredibly rare Jess Franco film now appearing in English for the first time. Vicky Adams plays

a housewife who becomes a raving nymphomaniac after being gang raped (only in the

movies!). She tells her husband he's free to screw like a bunny too but it takes him awhile

before he warms to the idea. But once he does... Lina Romay co-stars in one of Mr Franco's

sleazier efforts

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Celestine Add to Shopping Cart

Jesus Franco 1974

Lina Romay, Howard Vernon, Pamela Stanford

One of Jess Franco's best mixes of sex and humor, Lina Romay plays the titular character as a

young woman who loves to service her customers, male or female. Others in the cast include,

Howard Vernon and Pamela Stanford. Romay is on the run from the law when she ends up at

horny old Vernon's chateau. She is soon seducing him and everyone else there!

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Chambermaid's Dream Add to Shopping Cart

Max Pecas

Janine Reynaud, Michel Lemoine

Weird film by Max Pecas that delivers eroticism with a disturbing REPULSION like storyline.

Janine Reynaud plays a repressed woman who has the hots for her sister's husband. She

dreams of seducing him and killing her sister (and vice versa!) until it is hard for her to

dsitinguish between fantasy and reality. Pecas always delivers an excellent film and makes the

nudity and appeal very important to the film

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Charlotte Add to Shopping Cart

Roger Vadim 1974

Sirpa Lane in english with finnish subs

Sirpa (THE BEAST) Lane stars in this precursor to NIKITA as a woman who is trained to become

the ultimate killer. Violent and sexy, Roger Vadim wrote and directed this stylish thriller.

Anthony Steffen and Anne-Marie Deschott co-star

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China And Sex Add to Shopping Cart

Joe D'Amato 1988

In Italian only. here's another Joe D'Amato film where he rips off the Hong Kong genre using

Chinese actors and fake credits. A whorehouse Madame works overtime to keep her customers


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