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Chinese Kamasutra Add to Shopping Cart
Joe D'Amato 1991
Joe D'Amato returns to the Hong Kong sex film as he directs a predominately Asian cast in this
tale of a young Asian woman (Played by an Italian!) who is determined to learn, first hand, all
the secrets of the ancient Chinese sex manual
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Classa Mista Add to Shopping Cart
Femi Benussi, Dagmar Lassander, Patrizia Webley, Alvaro Vitali
Letterboxed print.  Dagmar Lassander, Femi Benussi, Patrizia Webley and Altaro
Vitali star in this sexy Italian comedy set at a horny high school! Dagmar Lassander becomes
the new teacher for a class of horny guys and before you know it, they have found out where
she lives and spy on her taking showers! Next up Femi Benussi shows up and when she stars
appearing nude it's almost too much for these horny teens!
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Code 90 Lady Chatterly 2 Add to Shopping Cart
Lorenzo Onorati 1990
Brigitte Robert, Patrice Cheron
IN ITALIAN ONLY. Lawrence Webber (real name Lorenzo Onorati) directs this softcore romp
about a lady painter who lives on a houseboat and has plenty of sexual adventures on water
and dry land. Her girlfriend (yes, she's that staple of the Italian film, bi-sexual) is a
photographer so there's plenty of flesh on display. Stars Brigitte Robert and Patrice Cheron.
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College Lesbians and Their Place Of Pleasure Add to Shopping Cart
Concha Valero
In Spanish only. A husband makes love to his newlywed wife and she's just not into it (she was
raped as a child). Her day brightens up considerably when 2 old college roommates (who just
happen to be lesbians) show up. Pretty soon they're seducing her, the maid and for a change of
pace. the husband. Definitely one of the better Spanish sexploitation films I've seen (as are
the other 2 near the end of this update). Concha Valero stars
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