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Confessions Of A Nympho Add to Shopping Cart
Eva Karinka, Sandra Reni
German made softcore film starring Eva Karinka, Sandra Reni and Gisela becker co-star and
directed by Alois Brummer. A free spirited young woman just won't deny anyone (male or
female) who approaches her for sex!
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Confessions Of A Sex Maniac Add to Shopping Cart
Alan Birkshaw 1974
Ava Cadell, Vicki Hughes
Hilarious British sex comedy which uses any excuse to get the actresses naked as soon as
possible. Model Vicki Hughes and porn actress Ava Cadell lead a cast stuffed with beautiful
British birds, all the focus of sex maniac Roger Lloyd Pack. Alan Birkshaw directs.
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Confessions oOf A David Galaxy Affair Add to Shopping Cart
Mary Millington, John Moulder-Brown
Mary Millington plays a beautiful heiress who has screwed many men, but never experienced
an orgasm. Enter David Galaxy, a typical British cocksman who comes to the rescue.
Outrageous British sex film, it's the only time I've seen a scene where a guy farts while making
love!! Plentiful nudity and sleaze in this one, John-Moulder Brown co-stars
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Confessions Of Sex Slaves Add to Shopping Cart
Guy Gilbert 1976
Erik Falk
Helga is setup with drugs in her apartment and forced into the sex business. A reporter is on
her trail trying to uncover the processes involved in turning young innocents into hard hearted
prostitutes. She investigates a sex club that seems to be at the center of such activity. This
German made sex film features lots of nudity and Franco regular Erik Falk. Guy Gibert directs
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