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Corruption Add to Shopping Cart
Salvatore Samperi 1986
Florence Guerin in French with English subs
Not to be confused with the Cushing film. For fans of Italian cinema, THIS IS PAYDIRT! Director
Salvatore Samperi (SUBMISSION) directs Florence Guerin(THE CLICK) in this steamy tale
about a bored housewife who comes under the sexual power of her young maid. She turns
Guerin's world into a living Hell that ultimately Florence learns to love. A must see!!!
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Cover Girls Add to Shopping Cart
Lorenzo Onorati 1991
In Italian only. Film specialist Lawrence Webber (Lorenzo Onorati) directs this behind the
scenes look at nude modelling.
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Craving Desire Add to Shopping Cart
Sergio Martino 1993
Ron Nummi, Serena Grandi, Vittoria Belvedere
Sergio Martino returns to the thriller genre with one of his best efforts. Vittoria Bel Vedere stars
as a nutcase nympho who moves into her cousin's (Ron Nummi) life and dominates him,
turning the guy into her sex slave. So he dumps his girlfriend, robs jewelry stores and more
under her influence. She in turn kills a hitch-hiker and unbeknownst to him, feeds her to him!
Serena Grandi has a nice cameo as Nummi's boss' wife who has the hots for him. A 4 star
winner here!
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Cries Of Ecstasy Add to Shopping Cart
Anthony Weber 1974
Many years ago I received this American film (dubbed in Italian) and to this day
have never heard anything about it. Since it is a sleazy, nudity filled weird SF film classic, well
direct from video collection to you! It stars Sandra Carey, Uschi Digard (!!) and Michael Abbott
and was directed by Anthony Weber. It's the end of the world and after the bomb drops the
military devolve into a band of men who rape and kill and any females they see. Their
protectors are men who are sexually desirable and, quite frankly HORNY AS HELL. Nudity, rape
and general perverseness seems to permeate every inch of this film
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