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Dance Of Love Add to Shopping Cart
Senta Berger, Helmut Berger, Sydne Rome in english with dutch subs
Senta Berger, Helmut Berger, Sydne Rome and Maria Schneider star in this film about a young
man (Berger) who gets multiple opportunities to lose his virginity but he just can't get the job
done! Nudity by all 3 actresses (Though as usual, Senta's is very brief) make this period sex
comedy quite enjoyable!
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Dangerous Game Add to Shopping Cart
Joe D'Amato 1987
Carmen Di Petra
First time in english. Joltin' Joe D'Amato is the king of the thriller and when you team him up
with Carmen Di Petro (who looks like she could suck the chrome off a trailer hitch), you get a
minor masterpiece like this film. Di Petro plays a successful TV producer who falls in lust with a
scumbag. After she gets screwed (both literally and figuratively) by the jerk, she decides to get
revenge by chaining him to the bed and fucking him to death!
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