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Deep Thoughts Add to Shopping Cart
Ajita Wilson, Raf Baldassare
Here's a cockeyed Italian sex film that tries to pass itself off as being related to DEEP THROAT
(the cover states the film stars John Holmes and Louise Lovelace!). It centers on being able to
read the minds of a bunch of horny men and women so we can see how their fantasies mix
with reality. Ajita Wilson and Raf Baldassare co-star and the film was produced by Rome's
sleaziest producer, Dick Randall.
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Desire Add to Shopping Cart
Joe D'Amato 1986
Tini Cansino 
In Italian Only. Tini Cansino of ARABELLA fame teams up with Joe D'Amato in this superlative
softcore film. Tini plays a nude model whose photographs in Men's magazines drives all the
guys nuts. She comes to a small town for some RnR and ends up staying at the home where 2
horny brothers live. The younger one takes every opportunity to sneak a peek of her while she
showers or exercizes. When the older brother looks like he may actually bed her, the younger
one goes apeshit. Lots of nudity in this one
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Desiring Giulia Add to Shopping Cart
Serena Grandi
In Italian only. Rarely has Serena Grandi played an out and out slut but here she definitely lets
it all hang out! Grandi plays an hedonist for whom pleasure is of the utmost importance. She
ruins a guy's marriage by seducing him and drawing him into her world of sex and drugs. She
succeeds all too well as the guy's wife commits suicide and he wants to kill her. Lots of nudity
by Grandi in this one.
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Diary Of A Passion Add to Shopping Cart
Senta Berger, Enrico Maria Salerno in english with dutch subs
Senta Berger stars in this film about a director (Enrico Maria Salerno) and his personal diary
about his life. He has been burned by relationships in the past so he's leery about beginning
anew with Berger
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