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Disobediance Add to Shopping Cart
Aldo Lado 1981
Stefania Sandrelli, Mario Adorf
In Italian Only. Director Aldo (THE NIGHT TRAIN MURDERS) Lado takes his turn in the morbid-
sex drama arena. A young boy named Luca is going through a sexual awakening and has
incestuous desires towards his sister (there's an sequence where they fondle each other
through a thin curtain that separates their bodies). His nurse (Stefania Sandrelli) also has the
hots for him and so competes with the sister for his carnal attention. Score by Morricone.
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Disposta A Tutti Add to Shopping Cart
Eleonora Giorgio, Bekim Fehmiu, Laura De MarchiNOW IN ENGLISH as READY FOR ANYTHING!
Eleonora Giorgi, Bekim Fehmiu, and Laura De Marchi star in this Italian Giorgi
plays a young temptress who becomes the obsession of an older married man. Giorgi really
shows off her body in this one and boy, does it look great!! The film really takes on a morbid
tone as she develops a death wish that drives Fehmiu nuts. Highly recommended!!
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Dog Days Add to Shopping Cart
Christina Lindberg
aka I MARRIED A WHORE In Swedish only. Christina Lindberg stars in a black comedy about a
family of sex maniacs. A man's wife returns home to set up a bordello in the cottage behind the
house. When she drafts his daughter (Christina Lindberg) into service, he goes nuts and plots
her demise. The wife is also a psycho as she kills her daughter's only true love to keep her as
a working girl. The ending is particularly black
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Doriana Gray Add to Shopping Cart
Jesus Franco 1978
Lina Romay
. Excellent quality of this Jess Franco hardcore horror film. Lina Romay stars as both a
mysterious Countess who has sex with men and women so she can drain their life force and
she plays the woman's crazy twin, who is in an insane asylum. This is very similar in tone to
THE LOVES OF IRINA and Lina performs her hardcore sequences with much gusto!
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Dormitory Girls Add to Shopping Cart
in english  1984
A teenager can't stand the perversities of her home life anymore (Step-mom wants to bed her
as does her gigolo lover) and so heads off to boarding school. Little did she know she was
better off at home! Once there, she's seduced by lesbian classmates and teachers along with
horny male school officials. Great French made sex film
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Down The Ancient Staircase Add to Shopping Cart
Barbara Bouchet, Marcello Maistroianni, Francoise Fabian, Marthe Keller ENGLISH SUBS!!
In Italian. Morbid sex-drama set in and around an insane asylum. Marcello Mastrioanni is a
doctor who is beginning to crater under the pressure of his position. Barbara Bouchet is the
woman he becomes obssessed with (and fortunately Bouchet supplies a lot of full frontal nudity
to see you through the talky parts). The typical downbeat, pessimistic finale arrives right on
time. Francois Fabian and Marthe Keller co-star.
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