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Dreams Of The 13 Add to Shopping Cart


Nicholas Ray

n the early seventies, a rich Dutch industrialist gave $25,000 to a bunch of different filmmakers

for them to put their dreams on celluloid. Nicholas Ray (director of REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE,

JOHNNY GUITAR and many other great films in the fifties) is the most famous craftsmen who

stars and directs one of the dreams. Lots of nudity and late sixties Fuck the Establishment

slogans as well.

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Dressage Add to Shopping Cart

Pierre Reinhard 1984

Veronique Catanzaro

Letterboxed print. By director Pierre (REVENGE OF THE LIVING DEAD) Reinhard, this sex film

wallows in incest, lesbianism, voyeurism, light bondage and even heterosexual sex! Set in the

thirties, it centers on the revenge of an illegitimate girl who is driven to prostitution by her

father. Her plans include seducing dad's legitimate daughter and ruining his reputation.

Veronique Catanzaro stars

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East Of Berlin aka SS NAZI CONVOY
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Pierre Chevalier 1978

Eurocine decided to get in on the Nazi atrocity series with this mix and match film. They took

footage from an earlier war film (WAR DEVILS it's the footage that is letterboxed), mixed in

real life footage and then shot the nude scenes to sex it up. A German SS officer discovers his

former Jewish fiancé in a Nazi whorehouse. Will he save her or just screw her? Directed by

Pierre Chevalier

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Education Angalaise Add to Shopping Cart

Jean Roy 1985

Veronique Catanzaro, Jean Antolinos in french with english subs

Letterboxed print. Here's an excellent entry in the sexy schoolgirl genre courtesy of the French.

A 16 year old orphan is sent to a special boarding school where every little infraction is

punished with a spanking. The young orphan soon becomes in demand by the other girls as

their lover. When she finally returns home to dear old daddy, she proves to be the new Master

of her domain. Directed by Jean Roy and starring Jean Antolinos and Veronique Catanzaro

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Egon Schiele Add to Shopping Cart


Mathieu Carriere, Jane Birkin, Deborah Falkenstein

Another weird mixture of art and sleaze which stars Mathieu (MALPERTUIS) Carriere and Jane

Birkin with music by Brian Eno. A virginal 15 year old girl (stunningly played by Deborah

Falkenstein) shows up at the doorstep of artist Egon Schiele. He takes her in but is soon

accused of corruption of a minor because of the revealing drawing found in his home. This

sends him to jail where things go from bad to worse. Set in the late 1800s, the nudity seems at

odds with the director's ambitions

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