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Elisa Add to Shopping Cart
Vanessa Paradis, Gerard Depardieu
In French with English subtitles. Vanessa Paradis (the sexy nymphette singer who bares all
here) stars as a free spirit who uses her sexy body to steal older men blind. She teams up with
Solange and they escape from the boarding house to look for Paradis' asshole father
(scrungily played by Gerald Depardieu). She strips for him on the beach to drive him nuts and
force him to re-enter her life (gotta love the French!).
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Erotica Add to Shopping Cart
Paul Raymond 1981
Brigitte Lahaie in english with greek subs
A Brigitte Lahaie softcore item set at a famous British strip club. Brigitte plays a French reporter
who decides to mix business with pleasure and learn how to strip. She does REAL good.
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Emanuelle And Lolita Add to Shopping Cart
in German but what the hell, it does have Susan Scott taking her clothes off a lot. 
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Emanuelle's Silver Tongue Add to Shopping Cart
Carmen Villani, Nadia Casini
Letterboxed print. Billy is a horny 18 year old who's dying to get into the pants of longtime
friend, Andrea (played by a statuesque blonde, Carmen Villani). She drives him crazy to the
point where he sees a psychiatrist named Emanuelle (Nadia Casini) who ends up screwing his
brains out instead. Meanwhile, Andrea is starting to get horny herself...
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Emilenne Add to Shopping Cart
Guy Casaril 1985
Betty Mars, Nathalie Guerin
Slick french made sex film by Guy Casaril starring Betty Mars and Nathalie Guerin. The film is
the seductive story of a menage-a-trois involving Emilenne, her husband Claude and Nouky an
art student who specializes in sketches. Emilenne doesn't realize Nouky is her husband's
mistress until she has already been seduced by the beautiful artist.
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