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Sophie Marceau
In french with English subtitles, letterboxed print. Now if you're a fan of Sophie Marceau (if you
know what I mean and I think you do!) here's a nice addition to your collection!! She plays an
unpredictable woman who falls for a man already in another relationship. He decides to obsess
about her without ever consumating the affair. Yeah, that'll work! Vincent Perez co-stars.
Marceau does get naked by the way!
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Fatal Exposure 2 Add to Shopping Cart
Mario Gariazzo 1988
Milly D'Abraccio, Valentine Demy
Janet (future porn star Milly D'Abraccio) is frustrated by her workaholic husband who never has
time for her. So, she goes to a photographer and poses for a bunch of sexy photos in the hope
these will turn on hubby. She ends up humping the photographer but doesn't realize she's
being photographed for a future bribery scam. Several of her friends get roped into the same
situation and they end up getting their revenge. Valentine Demy plays the photographer's
lesbian assistant and the film was directed by Mario (PLAY MOTEL) Gariazzo
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Fatal Fix Add to Shopping Cart
German Lorente 1979
Corrine Clery, Helmut Berger
Helmut Berger and Corrine Clery star as lovers who become heroin addicts. They are soon
scraping the bottom of life's barrel as they do anything for that next fix. Quite sleazy and all too
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Feminine Chemistry Add to Shopping Cart
Florence Guerin, Eva Grimaldi, Dalila Di Lazzaro
3 Queens of Euro-trash, Dalila Di Lazzaro (PYJAMA GIRL CASE), Florence Guerin (THE CLICK)
and Eva (CONVENT OF SINNERS) Grimaldi star in this sleazy spin on glitzy soap opera trash
like DYNASTY. Di Lazzaro plays the conniving bitch out to take control of the family business.
Guerin is her lesbian lover and Grimaldi's in love with Di Lazzaro's brother who also has
designs on the company.
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Femmine Add to Shopping Cart
Lorenzo Onorati 1988
Malu, Valentine Demy, Baby Pozzi
In Italian only. A very sexy film by Lorenzo Onorati, the director of FLAVIA and CARNE DI
LUSSO. Valentine Demy, Malu and Baby Pozzi spend one evening reminiscing about their
previous affairs. This gives Onorati every excuse in the world to cram as much nudity as
possible without worrying about a plot!
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