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Femmine 2 Add to Shopping Cart
Lorenzo Onorati 1989
Carmen Di Petra
In Italian only. For fans of the first film, here's the even better sequel by specialist Lawrence
Webber (Lorenzo Onorati). This time the film centers around a photographer and his nude
photo shoots. This gives Onorati an excuse to fill the screen with constant closeups of nudity
(including a sexy strip tease by Carmen Di Petra!).
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Fine Gold Add to Shopping Cart
Jose De La Loma 1988
Tia Carrere, Andrew Stevens, Jane Badler, Stewart Granger
Excellent Spanish adventure film with a great cast and excellent direction by Jose De La Loma.
Two powerful families battle it out over oil rights and use all types of dirty tricks to get an
advantage (such as sex!). Jane Badler, Tia Carrere, Andrew Stevens, Stewart Granger, and
Ray Walston star
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First Time At Elba Add to Shopping Cart
Claudio Cassinelli, Monica Gueritorre, Mark Lester, Anne Heywood in english with greek subs
A Father and son (Claudio Cassinelli and Mark Lester) meet a mother and daughter (Anne
Heywood and Monica Guerritore) and before you know it, they've paired up and are screwing
all over the place! Set in the late 1800s, this behavior scandalizes the community.
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Fleshy Doll Add to Shopping Cart
Andrea Bianchi 1995
Pilar Orive, Aldo Sambrell
In Italian only. My man Andrea Bianchi doesn't disappoint with his latest excuse for female
nudity, this time featuring Pilar Orive from CAGED WOMEN. 3 sisters head out to their country
estate where they get down and dirty with nature and each other! The older sister is frigid but
conquers this by screwing everyman she meets. Little sister gets to indulge in her voyeuristic
tendecies too. Aldo Sambrell also co-stars. $15
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