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For Love For Hate Add to Shopping Cart
Serena Grandi
In Italian only. Serena Grandi stars as a woman who's in love with a real jerk. He fools around
on her with a woman he claims is his sister. His younger son has the hots for Serena (he's no
fool) and hates dear old dad. The father becomes more and more cruel to both women so they
eventually teamup and plot their revenge
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Force Of Desire Add to Shopping Cart
Maria Angela Giordan, Aldo Sambrell, Nelly Moreno
In Spanish only. Maria Angela Giordan, Aldo Sambrell, and Nelly Moreno star in this sex film
about a landowner who rapes any women he finds on his property, shotguns (in a very blood
fashion!) anyone who tries to argue with his position, and has a nympho wife (Giordan) who
screws everyone but him! Meanwhile Sambrell has a nymphet step daughter who drives him
so crazy he finally says the hell with it and rapes her. Wait till sambrell discovers she is also the
love toy of Giordan! Hell, it just gives him yet another excuse to beat and rape!! But she has a
plan for revenge
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France Uncut Add to Shopping Cart
In French only. Wow!! A MONDO film about the sleaziest places in France! Nude Modeling, Sex
Shows, street prostitutes, transsexuals, lesbian bars, women auditioning for a part in a sex
film, an S-M club and a whole lot more in this overview of French perversions!!
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French Pleasure Add to Shopping Cart
Here's a sexy softcore item starring Olinka and Dominique St Clair. Claudine (Olinka) has lived
a sheltered life and so is sent abroad to a boarding school where she will be trained to please
men so she can marry a rich husband. The girls take turns seducing her and pretty soon she
really understands what it takes to please a man or a woman.
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