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Frigid Fantasies Add to Shopping Cart

Carlos Aured 1980

Andrea Guzon, Sara Mora in english with greek subs

Carlos (HORROR RISES FROM THE TOMB) Aured directed this sex film about a wife who is

frigid. The husband hits upon a novel solution, tie all 4 of her limbs to the bedposts and rape

her! Gee, it was so simple. Before you know it, even her girlfriend ties her up and has sex with

her. Then things get real kinky in yet another example of prime Spanish sexploitation. Andrea

Guzon and Sara Mora co-star.

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Frivolous Lola Add to Shopping Cart

Tinto Brass 1998

Serena Grandi

Yep, it's here and Serena Grandi is one of the stars (and shows she still has a great looking

ass!). Tinto Brass once again comes through with a masterpiece. Monella is the town prick

teaser (she rides through town on her bicycle flashing her undies at whomever wants a peek)

who keeps her boyfriend, step father and others ever ready to jump her bones. Tons of nudity

and all the patented Brass crotch shots in tact

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fury Add to Shopping Cart

Jose Maria Forque 1979

Laura Gemser, Stuart Whitman, Paola Senatore

Laura Gemser (who stars and supplies lots of nudity), Stuart Whitman, and Paola Senatore

(nude as well) star in this sleazy film set on an island hideaway. Both leads meet, reveal their

dark secrets and fall in love. Too bad this is and Italian trash film so of course that just won't

happen. Directed by Jose Maria Forque

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Games Of Desire Add to Shopping Cart

Frank De Niro 1990


For all you fans of actress Malu, here's one of her masterpieces directed by Frank De Niro (aka

Pasquale Fanetti). Florentine feels abandoned by her impotent husband and embarks on a

series of passionate affairs. She falls hard for a lesbian named Dorthy only to discover she is in

league with her husband to help him act out his fantasies in this twisted sex film

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Garden Of Eden Add to Shopping Cart

Yasuza Masumura 1981

Leonra Fanni in english with greek subs

Extremely rare and in English! This Italian/Japanese film co-production stars Leonora (GIALLO

A VENEZIA) Fanni as a young girl who is coming of age sexually. Will it be a painful

experience? Of course!! Directed by Yasuza Masumura (who made the second HANZO THE

BLADE film). Lots of nudity too.

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Giovannino Add to Shopping Cart


Jenny Tambri, Tina Aumont, Carole Andre, Christian De Sica

In Italian only. Christian De Sica, Tina Aumont, Jenny Tamburi, and Carole Andre star in this

Italian drama/comedy stuffed with nudity! The son of a rich businessman has sex on his mind

24/7. He spies on his pretty neighbor while she bathes and is always trying to get some action

from the maid (Jenny Tamburi). He eventually meets a very decadent rich girl (Tina Aumont)

who introduces him to drugs and even more sex!

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