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Girl Kidnappers Add to Shopping Cart
The film opens with a Santo-like character mud wrestling a naked lady in a
nightclub! The owners of the place organize amateur strip contests so they can pick out the
girls they want to sell to White Slavers in the Middle East. Another fine piece of German
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Girl Of Your Dreams Add to Shopping Cart
Fernando trueba 1997
Penelope Cruz
In Spanish with English subtitles. Penelope Cruz and Hanna Schuguylla star in this film by
Fernando Trueba. Set in the 30s, Cruz plays an actress who is making a film in Germany where
all the German actors are entranced with her beauty. Cruz looks great and has some nice
nude scenes too!!
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Girls At The Gynecologist Add to Shopping Cart
Ernst Hofbauer 1977
Monika Dahlberg, Christine Schuberth
I Love German sex comedies, they ALWAYS deliver in the nudity department!! A takeoff on the
schoolgirl report films, this was directed by veteran Ernst Hofbauer and stars Monika Dahlberg,
Christine Schuberth, Brigitte Harrer, Evelyne Traeger,and Barbara Eickhoff! Quite graphic
sexually, it details all the trials and tribulations of a male gynecologist who just so happens to
have dozens of horny schoolgirls as patients!!
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Giselle Add to Shopping Cart
Excellent but demented Spanish sexploitation film. Giselle strikes me as a bit of a teenage
nympho. In the first 5 minutes she screws a male servant and then her stepmother (and then
both together!). But wait, it gets even more outrageous as her step brother turns up and he
screws the servant too! And hey, the father is a child molester. The film also has a very violent
angle when 3 local ruffians show up and they fuck Giselle, her mother, brother and servant. A
little later the townspeople show up and kill the 3 ruffians in a sadistic manner. Very strange.
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Good Little Girls Add to Shopping Cart
Jean-Claude Roy 1972
Beatrice Arnac, Bella darvi
In French with English subtitles. Four girls at a country estate are terrorized by Madame Finhini.
She's never seen without her riding crop and uses it to punish her wayward students.
Lesbianism rears its head as the girls get tired of screwing the locals. Beatrice Arnac, Bella
Darvi co-star and Jean-Claude Roy directs
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