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Groupie Girl Add to Shopping Cart
Derek Ford 1970
Esme Johns
Sex, drugs and rock and roll highlight this British sex film about the sordid sex life of Sally
(Esme Johns) shows her quick attempts at getting into the beds of every guy who even looks
like a rock star! Plentiful nudity and directed by Derek Ford.
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Hannah D: The Girl From Vondel Park Add to Shopping Cart
Rino Di Silvestri 1984
Ann Giselle Gass, Karin Schubert, Donatella Damiani
Letterboxed print. Ann Giselle Gass stars in this very sleazy tale of a young woman who
becomes a prostitute to pay for her and her drug habit. Donatella Damiani and Karin Schubert
co-star and there is plenty of nudity and sleaze to make for an excellent example of Euro-Trash
Cinema. Rino Di Silvstro directs
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Happy Birthday Harry Add to Shopping Cart
Gordon Mitchell, John Richardson, Carole Andre, Marissa Mell, Terry Thomas,
In German only, letterboxed print. John Richardson, Carole Andre, Marisa Mell, Terry Thomas,
Eleonra Fanni, and Gordon Mitchell. By the director of MURDER IN PARIS and produced by
Renato (SECOND TRUTH OF SATAN) Polselli so you know it's nuts!! Richardson plays a
photographer turning 40 and he has doubts about his sexuality, especially when he's around
nude models all the time!! Carole Andre plays his repressed assistant who has the hots for him
but he never notices her. Meanwhile he has his hands full with Mell and Fanni, especially when
he discovers Fanni's lover is Gordon Mitchell, a real jealous and mean bastard! Will Andre ever
bed her boss?
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Hard Car Add to Shopping Cart
In Italian. Forget Spielberg's DUEL, here's an Italian sexploitaion version with lots of nudity
and sex scenes, thanks to star Valentine Demy!!She has witnessed a crime at work and goes
on the run from the bad guys. She has a Volkswagen Jetta and they have an SUV from hell.
She manages to find lots of men (and one stunning blonde chick) to make love to in between
all the road action
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