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Hardcore Add to Shopping Cart
James Hill 1979
Fiona Richmond
If you are a fan of Fiona (LET'S GET LAID) Richmond then don't hesitate in buying this excellent
British sex film starring Britain's leading sex star of the seventies. Richmond stars as a
liberated woman who has seen and done it all. She writes her memoirs (under the HARDCORE
title) and half the population wants to read it and the other half want to see to it it never gets
published! By the director of THE HOUSE ON STRAW HILL
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High Finance Woman Add to Shopping Cart
Joe D'Amato 1989
Tara Buckman
One look at Tara Buckman in the shower during the opening credits and you'll know why
D'Amato hired this woman! She plays a lowly office girl that gets seduced and left behind by an
up and coming executive. She develops a ruthless personality and literally uses her body and
her brains to get her revenge
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High Season Add to Shopping Cart
Sascha Hehn, Margit Mann, Maritta Joy in english with greek subs
Sascha Hehn, Margit Man, Maritta Joy star in this nudity filled co-production between Germany
and Greece. A newlywed bride is sexually frustrated and decides to head off to greece for sex
and sun! She is soon enjoying herself little realizing her husband has a plan to make her
jealousHehn is hot stuff as are all the other actresses in this enjoyable sex romp.
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Honey Add to Shopping Cart
in english with greek subs 1978
Donatella Damiani, Susan Scott, Clio Goldsmith, Fernando rey, Catherine Spaak,
Letterboxed print. Fernando Rey, Clio Goldsmith, Catherine Spaak, Donatella Damiani (great as
the big breasted Madame), Susan Scott, and Adrienna Russo head an all-star cast of great
looking actresses. Goldsmith plays a young innocent who ends up working in a brothel where
her life spirals out of control. A sleazy classic
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