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A Wrong Way To Love Add to Shopping Cart
Fernando Di Leo 1970
Susan Scott, Lea Lander in english with japanese subs widescreen
Letterboxed print. A sexy film by Fernando Di Leo starring Susan Scott, Gary Merrill and Lea
Lander and lots of nudity as well! Interesting tale centering on the psychological problems of
the Scott character. A dense plot makes this more than just an ordinary sex film but introduces
thriller elements as well. Di Leo excelled no matter what genre he worked in
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Adam And Nicole Add to Shopping Cart
Trevor Wrenn 1981
Heather Daly
British sex film directed by Trevor Wrenn and starring Heather (DIVERSIONS) Deely. A rich
man disappears at see and right away his two sons are fighting over the will. Ann and Nicole
were the old man's servants who don't realize the part they will play in the plot. An excellent
Hard edge sex film that features plenty of nudity and sleaze to go with the plot
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Adventures Of A Young Don Juan Add to Shopping Cart
Serena Grandi, Claudine Auger, Marina Vlady
In French only. Serena Grandi stars in this Italian sexploitation film set in the early 1900s. The
film centers on a 15 year old boy who returns home from school one summer to find the place
crawling with horny servants, nannies and maids. Since their lovers are all away fighting the
fascists, he's soon called on to perform all the sexual duties for these earthy vixens. He does
his job real well. Besides Serena (who has several nice nude scenes, the film also stars Marina
Vlady and Claudine Auger.
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Adventures Of Heidi Add to Shopping Cart
Gisela Schwarz, Annemarie Wiese
Gisela Schwarz, Annemarie Wiese, and Annemarie Wendel star in this excellent film from
Germany! Heidi is a typical German schoolgirl; she screws her teachers so she can get passing
grades. Her home life ain't so good as her Mom is a bitch and her Uncle is a pervert who tries
to rape her at every opportunity! She's had enough so she goes to the country where it turns
out; there are even more horny sex perverts!! As usual with any German sex film, there's
plenty of nudity.
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