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Hot Blood Add to Shopping Cart
Sylva Kristel, Aldo Sambrell, Alice Moro in english with greek subs
Slyiva Kristel, Alice Moro, and Aldo Sambrell. Sexual exploits of a young stud bullfighter and his
many admirers. Meanwhile a viscious bank robbery is taking place where Kristel works as a
teller. It soon turns into a hostage situation where rape and murder occur. One of the robbers
is well known to the bullfighter and so he decides to get involved in what will surely end up as a
blood bath. An interesting and violent film that ends up going in a completely different direction
plot wise than what you first think.
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Hot Laps Add to Shopping Cart
Andrea Bianchi 1990
Carmen Di Petra
Busty Italo starlet Carmen Di Pietro stars in this seemy drama by Andrea Bianchi set in the
world of Formula One racing. Frank joins the team with eyes on replacing the #1 driver, Roy.
Roy, who's also the stud of the strip uses all his dirty tricks to keep that from happening. These
include sabotage and getting Carmen involved in some bizarre sexual encounters. Bianchi
delivers the sleaze here
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Hot Lust At The Disco Add to Shopping Cart
Mario Gariazzo 1990
Valentine Demy, Sarah Eisaman in english with greek subs
David is sent to disco clubs on the Riviera to do a story. His girlfriend Amy (Sarah Eisaman)
gets upset with the way he ogles all the girls at the clubs. He finally hooks up with the sexiest
girl there, Stephanie (Emy Valentino) and they begin a torrid affair. To get even, Amy decides
she can be a slut too, but finds it hard work. Stephanie's biker boyfriend comes looking for
David. Lots of T&A and that crazy disco beat. Mario Gariazzo directs
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Hot Nights Of Caligula Add to Shopping Cart
Roberto Montero 1976
Patrizia Webley in english with greek subs uncut!
Patricia Webley (the big breasted star of MALABIMBA) stars in this raunchy Italo-sex spoof.
Caligula is suffering from impotence, he can't get it up no matter how many naked women are
thrown at him (and in this film that's a lot!). Ah, but when he sees Ms Webley's magnificent
backside, well that does the trick. Directed by Roberto Montero (Andrea Bianchi's older
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Hot Panties Add to Shopping Cart
Alicia principe
In Spanish only. Wow, this is prime Spanish sleaze! Perpetually horny Senoritas have sex with
anyone they meet (including each other) at discos, at their posh country estate, you name it.
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