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Hotel Ligues Add to Shopping Cart
Jesus Franco 1982
Lina Romay
In Spanish with english subs. Lina Romay stars (as Candy Coster) in this Jess Franco sex comedy. It all
takes place at the titular hotel as Romay ends up servicing both male and female guests
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House Call Add to Shopping Cart
Rene Soutendijk
In Dutch with English subtitles. Renee Soutendijk, the beautiful blonde Dutch actress in
Verhoeven's THE FOURTH MAN, stars as a doctor who lives in a high rise apartment building
where she also makes house calls. Her baby sitter, who lives in the same building, is found
brutally murdered. The killer spies on her with binoculars and becomes obsessed with her. She
has met a young man who suffers from migraines and whose wife died under mysterious
circumstances. Hmmm... I wonder if he's the killer or a red herring? A terrific thriller (Ms
Soutendijk has several nude scenes) that delivers the goods
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House Of A 1000 Pleasures Add to Shopping Cart
Marcel is a Parisian cab driver who lucks into taking a rich society woman to a high class sex
club. She seduces him and while he waits for her to also screw her lover, he makes it with two
young things who just happen to stroll by. When he finally is exhausted, he discovers his
girlfriend works there too. Needless to say he won't put up with such behavior and kicks her out
(Ah, the seventies!). Lots of fooling around by both parties before they realize they really love
each other. Lots of beautiful French women make this one a real treat
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House Of Lost Dolls Add to Shopping Cart
Pierre Chevalier 1975
Silvia Solar, Evelyne Stewart, Yul Sanders beautiful widescreen print!
Eurocine is an European studio that makes Troma look like Walt Disney. This cut and paste job
takes part of a sixties spy film (AGENT SIGMA) and mixes it with a sleazy story involving girls
being kidnapped and sent to work at a whorehouse (The House Of Dolls). As soon as they
arrive, they get a daily dose of rape and degradation. Jack Taylor stars in the old footage,
Sylvia Solar stars in BOTH films, while Jesus Franco regulars Evelyne Stewart, Olivier Mathot
and Yul Sanders appear in the nudity-filled new scenes
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House Of Pigeons Add to Shopping Cart
Ornella Muti, Lucia Bose in english with greek subs
-For fans of Ornella Muti, this drama is for them. She plays a virginal type who falls for her
Mom's (Lucia Bose) lover. When he discovers this he decides to screw them both but Muti
demands complete faithfulness or else!
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House Of Pleasure Add to Shopping Cart
Joe D'Amato 1992
An classic from Joe D'Amato that has never appeared on tape before! A rich lord takes his wife
on a trip to the Far East where she almost immediately falls for the owner of a silk farm, Lin
Piao. However her husband is not at all upset so what exactly is going on? An excellent erotic
thriller starring a bevy of attractive euro-goddesses
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