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I Am A Nymphomaniac Add to Shopping Cart
Max Pecas 1970
Sandra Julien, Michel Lemoine, Janine Reynaud
Sandra Julien, star of Rollin's LES FRISSONS DE VAMPIRES is drop dead gorgeous as an
ordinary girl who once she discovers sex, turns into a raving sex machine. Can she calm her
desires before they ruin her life? An excellent soft-core sex film by Max (FELECIA) Pecas with
Michel Lemoine and his wife Janine Reynaud.
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I See Clearly Add to Shopping Cart
Eleonora Giorgi, Johnny Dorelli, Janet Agren, Milly D'Abraccio in english with greek subs
Letterboxed print. Look at the cast in this sexy film: Janet Agre, Eleonora Giorgi and Milly
D'Abbraccio (before she started her porn career!). Johnny Dorelli stars as a man who suffers
an accident and becomes blind. Since he is basically a horny guy when his sight returns he
decides to keep it a secret for obvious reasons!
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Il Solco Di Pesca Add to Shopping Cart
Gloria Guida, Martine Brochard
In Italian with English subs, letterboxed print. WOW!! For fans of Gloria Guida and Martine
Brochard, you will think you have died and gone to heaven as both actresses have extensive
nude scenes and the film's plot is a cut above the usual. A priest is trying to decide whether he
should turn his back on God and with the twin temptations of Guida and Brochard, who could
blame him! Highly recommended.
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In The Beach House Add to Shopping Cart
Vatherine Denueve, Ugo Tognazzi, Jodie Foster, Mariangela Melato in english with greek subs
Great cast in this italian sex comedy: Catherine Deneuve, Ugo Tognazzi, Jody Foster (who
spends the whole film in a skimpy bikini), Mariangela Melato, and Anna Melato. the film is set in
bath house where everyone comes to change into their bathing suit. So of course it allows all
the people in the film (except for those named above) to have a bunch of nude scenes! Much
like Altman's NASHVILLE, we are exposed to a bunch of seperate stories that all converge by
film's end.
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