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Insatiable Alicia And The Marquis Add to Shopping Cart
Al Balcazar 1982
Concha Valero, Mirna Bel
Concha Valero, Andrea Albani, and Mirna Bel star in this terrific Spanish film. If you enjoyed
you (it's directed by the same man Al Balcazar). Boy is Alice insatiable when it comes to sex.
She arrives at country villa and is instantly turned on by the stable boy and her female hostess!
Turns out Alice is related to the butler and he has brought her here to seduce the rich Marquis
of the villa. Not satisfied with that she heads to the village where she meets a local girl (cue
erotic sex scenes on the beach!!). Well the film starts to take on a sinister tone as you wonder
if Alice will keep her word to help knock off the Marquis or decide to stay there and seduce
everyone! Highly recommended!!
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Intimacy Add to Shopping Cart
Beppo Cino 1986
Tomas Arana, Eva Grimaldi in english with greek subs
Eva Grimaldi stars in this thriller by Beppe Cino as a lingerie model. One of her creepy
customers likes to tie her up, gag her and then cover her in kisses (seems like a bit of a
wasted opportunity to me). She becomes intrigued by this guy because her boyfriend is such a
dork. The stranger also has a butler (Tomas Arana) who adds to the kinkiness. Valentine Demy
has an unbilled part as a fellow model and both she and Grimaldi supply lots of T&A
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Intrigue Add to Shopping Cart
Valentine Demy in english with greek subs
A woman (played by Valentine Demy) buys a red sofa, supposedly possessed by spirits of dead
prostitutes who made love on it at a legendary Paris Brothel. Soon after she has affairs with a
series of young studs who help renact these past fantasies
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Io Emanuelle Add to Shopping Cart
Cesare Canevari 1970
Erika Blanc, Adolfo Celi WITH ENGLISH SUBS
If you love Erika Blanc then you'll be in heaven watching this weird film. Weird
because it was directed by Cesare Canevari (and he never makes a conventional genre film).
Blanc plays a confused woman starting to go mad with sexually charged delusions that reveal a
lot of her inner and outer (!) beauty.
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