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Io Gilda Add to Shopping Cart
Andrea Bianchi 1986
Pamela Prati, Valentine Demy
IN ITALIAN ONLY. Pamela Prati is an exotic dancer hailed as the new Gilda (as in Rita
Hayworth's character from the film GILDA). The club owner even has a shrine to that film
installed in his house. Valentine Demy plays a bi-sexual (check out the way this woman gives a
back rub!!) competitor out to ruin Pamela's dancing career. Director Andrea Bianchi even adds
a snuff film plot just in case things aren't sleazy enough!
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Island Of A 1000 Pleasures Add to Shopping Cart
Bea Fiedler in english with chinese subs
Michael is such a stud that women pay him to have sex with them. Good thing because he's in
debt to a local loan shark. Michael's wife (Bea Fieldler) is drop dead gorgeous but Michael plots
with his girlfriend to have her killed. His Mother-in-law is in competition with the loan shark for
a cut of the crime market and plots with her daughter to kill Michael. This is one of the best
German sexploitation I've ever seen. Lots of female flesh and mild torture sequences (such as
a light bulb to the breast and rape with a candle).
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Island Women Add to Shopping Cart
Michael Thomas 1980
Brigitte Lahaie, Karine Gambier
This is the best Jesus Franco Women-in-prison film he NEVER made! I took the english dialogue
from the cut 80 minute US print and dubbed it onto the uncut and letterboxed 88 minute
German version. There is extra nudity and torture sequences in this version (plus the
letterboxing really helps). Karine Gambier stars as an Ilsa like Warden who demands her
prisoners never wear clothes. They don't seem to mind (and as a bonus, one of the prisoners is
played by Brigitte Lahaie).
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