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Joy And The Pharoahs Add to Shopping Cart
Zara Whites
Letterboxed print. French sex film starring Zara Whites. A big budget production detailing the
behind the scenes effort to film an epic version of CLEOPATRA. It rivals CALIGULA when it
comes to filming scenes of sleaze and decadence!!
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Julietta Young And Hot Add to Shopping Cart
Ignacio Iquino 1980
Eva Libertyn
In Spanish only. One of the stars of VISCIOUS AND NUDE (Eva Libertyn) is featured in this
excellent Spanish (where the sex scenes shade toward the explicit side). Julietta enjoys having
sex with her girl and boyfriend. Eventually even more folks join in. Director Ignacio Iquino
must be a disciple of Tinto Brass as he never misses an opportunity to highlight an actress'
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Kleinhoff Hotel Add to Shopping Cart
Carlo Lizzani 1977
Corrine Clery
Letterboxed print. Sleazy story involves Corrine Clery who's stay in cheap motel turns into her
journey into sexual frenzy. She spies on the leader of a radical group and fantasizes about
having sex with him. She manipulates her way into her bed and becomes his sexual slave.
Things invariably go wrong for both parties. If you're a fan of Clery don't miss this one.
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La Figliastra Add to Shopping Cart
Edoardo Mulargia 1976
Lucretia Love, Sonia Jeanine
In Italian only. Sonia Jeanine, Lucretia Love, and Nadia Valli star in this film by Edoardo
Mulargria (HOTEL PARADISE). Very sexy Italian comedy with plenty of nudity! A man has the
bad misfortune to have his wives die on him during sex!! Yet he continues to attract women like
flies to honey. Go figure?
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