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La Pata Bollente Add to Shopping Cart
Edwige Fenech
In Italian only. Edwige Fenech stars in this comedy-drama about a woman who begins to have
her doubts about her lovers' sexuality. He befriends a gay man at work and before long
everyone is talking, leaving Fenech to wonder. She looks great and not only is sexy but shows
she can act too.
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La Puritana Add to Shopping Cart
Nini Grassi 1991
Margie Newton with ENGLISH SUBS
 A woman's brother ODs and she decides to use her body for revenge (it
helps that she's built like a brick shit-house). She soon tracks down those responsible and
literally screws them to death. Margie Newton stars and her performance will have your tongue
hanging out
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La Ragazzina Add to Shopping Cart
Gloria Guida Colette Descombes in italian with english subs
 Another reason for Gloria Guida fans to rejoice as here's a terrific Italian film
that she stars in and shows plenty of skin and so does co-star Colette Descombes!! Guida plays
a student who all the guys lust after but her involvement with older men is what really causes
her problems.
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