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La Senora Add to Shopping Cart
Silvia Tortosa
In Spanish with English subtitles. Set in rural Spain during the early 20th century, a young
woman (Silvia Tortosa) marries an old man in the hopes she will bear him a son. There's only
one catch, he's so obsessed with cleanliness, they can't touch! He fills a thimble full of sperm
and asks her to put it to good use. She dumps it down the drain and for the next 15 years,
denies him a legal heir. He dies a broken man (in a fit of rage, she mounts the nearly dead
fucker and tries to make love to him right there). She returns to the castle, thinking she will be
able to lead a normal life (you know, screw the young stud servant) but soon learns old
obsessions die hard.
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Labyrinth Of Love Add to Shopping Cart
Joe D'Amato 1995
Monica Sellars
Excellent Softcore film by Joe D'Amato starring the sexy Monica Sellers of DANGEROUS
ATTRACTION. She plays a woman who moves to Hong Kong and seduces all those within her
boarding house
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Lady Caliph Add to Shopping Cart
Romy Schneider, Ugo Tognazzi
Letterboxed print, in Italian with English subtitles. If you want to see a lot of Romy Schneider
nude, then this is the film to get!She's a union worker who ends up becoming both its leader
and the mistress of the factory's owner ( a definite conflict of interest!!) played by Ugo
Tognazzi. It's a realtionship that can only end tragically and boy does Ennio Morricone's score
go a long way in establishing that fact.
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Lady Chatterly Vs Fanny Hill Add to Shopping Cart
Malcolm Leigh 1978
Joanna Lumley, Penny Abrahms
Joanna (ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS and THE NEW AVENGERS) Lumley and Penny Abrahms star as
the 2 infamous ladies of sin in Victorian British society. They battle each other as the leading
prostitutes in competing whore houses. Nudity is quite plentiful here! Directed by Malcolm Leigh
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Lady Emanuelle Add to Shopping Cart
Frank De Niro 1984
Specialist Frank De Niro (real name Pasquale Fanetti) strikes again! Malu
stars as the titular character who seems to get raped by every guy she meets. She turns to her
best girlfriend and they consumate their relationship at a lesbian bar. After several torrid
couplings, Lady E decides to give heterosexuality a second chance much to her girlfriend's
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