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Lady Of The Night Add to Shopping Cart
Pierro Schivazappa 1986
Serena Grandi in english with greek subs
OK, if you have somehow managed to miss this sleazy and sexy as hell film starring big
breasted Serene Grandi, well again, what are you waiting for? She plays a young woman who
is seduced and married young but soon discovers her husband can't keep her satisfied. So she
fools around and really wrecks her marriage. But what the Hell, she looks great doing it. Grandi
will make your eyes water.
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Lake Of Virgins Add to Shopping Cart
Jesus Franco 1981
Katia Biernert, Bea Fieldler, Eduardo Fajardo
In Spanish only. Extremely rare sleaze from Jesus Franco starring Katja Biernert and Bea
Fiedler. A fisherman discovers the legendary Virgin's Lake and also discovers it is populated by
nubile virgins and oh yeah, a treasure. Lots of nudity in this one. Please note print is grainy
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L'Assistente Sociale Tutto Pepe Add to Shopping Cart
Nadia Cassini, Renzo Montagnini, Irene Pappas
In Italian only, letterboxed print. Renzo Montagnini and Irene Pappas co-star. If you are a fan
of Nadia Cassini and her perfect ass this film is for you as it takes every opportunity to show
that backside in the raw!! Casini plays a social worker by day (who sure takes a lot of
showers!) who can't help but appear in sexy bathing suits and other skimpy outfits (or nothing
at all) that drives all the men around her to distraction!
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Last Tango In Zagrol Add to Shopping Cart
Martine Beswick
In Italian only, letterboxed print. Martine Beswick no doubt wants this nudity filled skeleton kept
in her closet! Franco Franci plays a frustrated hotel owner (he's married to a frigid wife and yet
sees all the sex perverts who use his hotel to get their jollies at!). He meets a nympho in a
strange apartment where they screw their brains out. She introduces him to all types of weird
sexual situations and he loves it! Yes, this is a takeoff on LAST TANGO IN PARIS, only it's a lot
more fun!!
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Last Tango Of Perversity Add to Shopping Cart
Joelle Coeur
Loretta kills her husband for the insurance money and then marries another old geezer for the
same reason. When she discovers he has a bad heart, she decides to frustrate the old fart by
hiring 3 prostitutes to pose as friends (one is played by Jean Rollin favorite Joelle Coeur) who
come to visit. By being openly sexual around him (look don't touch) she hopes he'll have a
heart attack and die. This is a sleazy French made film with lots of nudity and a killer score by
Franco regular Daniel White
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l'attrazioni Add to Shopping Cart
Mario Gariazzo 1987
Florence Guerin
In Italian Only. Florence Guerin stars as a photographer for a Men's magazine who goes to
stay with some rich friends in the country. They are your typical rich, decadent couple who
engage her in several S&M type relationships that Florence slowly but surely enjoys. Lots of
Guerin nudity in this film by PLAY MOTEL's director, Mario Gariazzo
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