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Adventures Of Robinson Crusoe Add to Shopping Cart
Malissa Longo, Lina Romay, Eva Carson
Eva Carson, Malisa Longo and Lina Romay are just a few of the Eurotrash gals to be
featured nude in this one! Crusoe crashes on an island and is soon captured by a tribe of
Cannibal women. He soon however introduces them to the pleasures of sex and before long is
overwhelmed by their animal passions!
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Affairs Of A Lady Above Suspicion Add to Shopping Cart
Frank De Niro 1994
Valentine Demy, Carmen Di Petra
In Italian only. Here's the newest by Italian filmmaker, Frank DeNiro (Pasquale Fanetti). In this
one, Frank concentrates on the couplings of his lead actress with as many men and women as
possible and mixes in food stuffs as he covers them in ice cream and jam). Not much plot to
describe but then that's no surprise. Valentine Demy and Carmen Di Petro have blink and you
miss them cameos.
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Afternoon Add to Shopping Cart
Joe D'Amato 1980
Valentine Demy
Joe D'Amato mixes voodoo in this very sexy tale starring Valentine Demy. She shows up in a
small Louisiana town and is soon overcome by a voodoo priestess revenge plot. Plenty of
nudity in this one
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Age Of Consent Add to Shopping Cart
Michael Powell 1968
James Mason, Helen Mirren
Michael (PEEPING TOM) Powell's last film about an artist, played by James Mason, who retires
from the New York scene and goes to Australia's Great Barrier Reef. Once there he meets an
innocent but physically mature teenager (Helen Mirren who shows plenty of skin here!) who
reawakens his creative urges (in more ways than one!).
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Amazons Add to Shopping Cart
Jesus Franco 1975
Lina Romay, Robert Woods, Alice Arno WITH ENGLISH SUBS
in French. Jesus Franco's sexy take on the Maciste/Hercules legend. Stars Lina Romay and Alice
Arno and many more buck naked starlets.
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An American Bride Add to Shopping Cart
Harvey Keitel, Stefania Sandrelli, Trudie Styler in english with greek subs
Stefania Sandrelli, Harvey Keitel, and Trudie Styler star in this Italian film. Styler falls in love
with an Italian guy and they return to his home in Venice for the ceremony. Unfortunately his
sister shows up and it's obvious they have a relationship that is more than brother and sister!
The sex scenes are extremely hot here!!
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