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Andrea Bianchi 1976
Carroll Baker, Femi Benussi, Adolfo Celi, Luigi Pistilli widescreen print
Carroll Baker (who has lots of nude scenes here which may be why she doesn't dub her own
voice) is unhappy with her marriage since her husband (Adolfo Celi) can only get it up for a few
seconds at a time. She even goes so far as to hire a prostitute to teach her to give head but
even that doesn't work. His doctor (Luigi Pistilli) recommends he screws younger women to
regain his confidence (of course the good doctor just happens to know some prostitutes so he
can get a piece of ass too!).When Celi's young son (from another marriage) returns home, he
decides to service Carroll while Dad's out playing. Director Andrea Bianchi takes the elements
of a soap opera and really sleazes up the situation. Femi Benussi (and her breast) co-star
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