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Les Grande Emmerdeuses Add to Shopping Cart
Jesus Franco 1977
Lina Romay, Pamela Stanford
In french only. One of Jess Franco best sex films as Lina Romay and Pamela Stanford star as 2
strippers who become secret agents out to reveal a mad scientist (he makes the pillsbury
doughboy look bulemic!) plans to create a perfect 9but horny) monster. Lots of nudity here
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Libidine Add to Shopping Cart
Cinzia de Caroils, Ajita Wilson, Marina Frajese
In Italian only, letterboxed print. File this one under trash personified! Cinzia De Carolis stars
as a young woman whose father is a mad scientist. It seems this crazy bastard has transferred
a man's soul into a snake!! The scientist's wife (Marina Frajese) and her lesbian lover (Ajita
Wilson) end up being attacked by the snake and the girl has an unusual sexual relationship with
it!!! Some real revolting stuff in this one
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Light My Passion Add to Shopping Cart
Emma Suarez
In Spanish with yellow english subtitles, letterboxed print. Here's another terrific thriller from
Spain and it stars Emma (THE RED SQUIRREL) Suarez! She plays a young woman who marries
a mysterious guy named Angel who has a serious foot fetish. She's horrified and becomes
extremely frustrated. When an old professor friend shows up, he services the wife while Angel
seeks out the company of prostitutes. A very strange black comedy with nudity and a streak of
nasty humor
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Like A Dog In Heat Add to Shopping Cart
Isabel Sarli
In Italian only. Hotcha babe Isabel Sarli (FUEGO) has the hots for anything thing that moves
(and has money). Of course this brings a lot of tragedy to her life but for we viewers, it's
gratuitous T&A time!
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