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Lips Of Lurid Blue Add to Shopping Cart

Giulio Petroni 1975

Lisa Gastoni, Corrado Pani, Helene Chanel

In Italian only, letterboxed print. Yowser!! Here is an outstanding Giallo starring Lisa Gastoni

(boy does she get naked here!!), Corrado Pani, Jeremy Kemp, and Helene Chanel. Directed by

Giulio (DEATH RIDES A HORSE) Petroni it also features one of Ennio Morricone's best and

rarest scores!! Gastoni is taken to an abandoned church where she is terrorized by a band of

heavily made-up weirdoes who strip her, beat her and sexually assault her (what a hell of an

opening sequence!!). She and her future spouse have suffered a traumatic childhood

experience and they are both psychologically scarred by the memory (oh this is going to make

a Hell of a happy couple!). She's a neurotic sex machine and he is brooding potential serial killer

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Little Girl, Big Tease Add to Shopping Cart


An older man picks up a teenage girl and takes her to his house in the country where he and

his cohorts, hold her for ransom. In no time at all, she's seduced by the woman in the group,

then raped by one of the guys and finally seduces the gang leader! Before the plot can be

pulled off (and of course things go horribly wrong) there's plenty of nudity and sleaze on


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Lola's Secret Add to Shopping Cart

Bruno Gaburro 1985

Donatella Damiani, Gabriele Tinti

If you haven't seen this thriller than I recommend you do so immediately, especially if you are

a fan of busty actresses (like I obviously am!). It stars Donatella Damiani who is a brunette

that makes my eyes water just looking at her! The plot is a pretty good one as a teenaged but

sickly young man stands to inherit a lot of money. So, the 2 servants played by Donatella and

Gabriele Tinti , decide to use Donatella's obvious charms to seduce the young man. A murder

plot is also revealed and the ultimate plan is for the boy to die and the 2 servants inherit the

estate. Well, needless to say, things go wrong! A good mixture of sex and with a nicely plotted

screenplay make for an enjoyable viewing experience.

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Lolita 2000 Add to Shopping Cart

Frand De Niro 1990

Petra Scharbach

In Italian only. The star of LOLITA FOREVER, Petra Scharbach returns in a sequel to that film as

a young girl who will screw her way to the top of her profession. Sleazy and features plenty of

nudity by Ms Petra

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Lolita Forever Add to Shopping Cart

Frank De Niro 1990

Petra Scharbach

In Italian only. Petra Scharbach teams up with Frank de Niro one more time! He's one of Italy's

great unsung filmmakers, she an incredibly sexy young thing whose assets, De Niro knows

how to exploit. A local nerd who runs a hotel is always frustrated by all the beautiful young

things who stay at his place. He decides to leave his job and start fresh somewhere else and

boy does he hit paydirt!!

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