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Love And Passion Add to Shopping Cart
Tinto Brass 1987
Francesca Dellera
The star of THE FLESH, Francesca Dellera, made her film debut in this classic of cinema by
Maestro Tinto Brass. A couple return to Italy after WW2 where they had left behind lovers. So,
when they return, both search them out to renew those torrid sexual relationships. Dellera
plays the husband's nymphomaniac lover. Score by Riz Ortolani.
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Love Camp Add to Shopping Cart
Jesus Franco 1977
Nanda Van Bergen, Ada Tauler, Monica Swinn
Jess Franco Women-in-Prison film starring Nanda Van Bergen, Ada Tauler, and Monica Swinn.
Women are kidnapped and brought to work at a whorehouse for the local soldiers. If they
refuse they are decapitated! The sadistic Wardeness has the hots for most of the women too so
they have their hands full
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Love I Think Add to Shopping Cart
Stefania Sandrelli in english with greek subs
Sandra Sandrelli stars in this romantic comedy/drama and of course, has some nice nude
scenes! She is a poor country girl who falls for a Rich artist played by Robin Phillips. They meet
and have an affair that has many obstacles thrown in their way. For fans of Sandrelli this is a
nice discovery.
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Love In The Strangest Way Add to Shopping Cart
Maruschka Detmers
In French with english subtitles, letterboxed print. FATAL ATTRACTION, French style! A man's
(Thierry Lhermitte) wife and son goes away for the weekend and he stupidly picks up a
stranger (Maruschka Detmers who is a stunning beauty) and screws her in his bedroom. Of
course, she turns out to be a psycho babe from Hell. She worms her way into his household as
the new baby sitter and eventually drives him into leaving his wife. She ends up trying to kill
him and he retaliates by knocking her off and burying her behind the wall of his new
apartment. However, indications are that he may not have succeeded and begins to wonder
what the Hell is going on
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