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Love Sins Add to Shopping Cart
in english with chinese subs 1986
Robert Powell, Florence Guerin, Stefania Sandrelli, Eva Grimaldi, Therese Ann Savoy
A cad (Robert Powell) seduces the wife (Stefania Sandrelli) of a friend, even though his own
wife is pregnant. He also visits his favorite prostitute (Eva Grimaldi) for a little variety. He
moves on to yet another lover (Therese Ann Savoy) when he gets bored again! He doesn't
know that lover #1 is getting real comfy with a female friend (Florence Guerin) and he ends up
with no one. Set in the early 1920s Italy, this is a very well done film that features nudity from
all the female cast members
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Loves Of A Wall Street Woman Add to Shopping Cart
Joe D'Amato 1990
Tara Buckman
Joe D'Amato directs this film starring Tara Buckman as successful business woman who is
frustrated by the sexism inherent in her position. Married to an older man who can't satisfy her,
she soon drifts into an affairs based solely on sex. She finally meets a young stud who really
gets her motor running but pressure is building in her life that may lead to trouble. Buckman is
pretty hot stuff and she sure shows her stuff in numerous nude scenes
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Lulu Add to Shopping Cart
Walerian Borowczyk 1980
Michele Placido, Arre Barret, Udo Kier
Michele Placido plays an artist obssessed with the nubile LULU (Arre Berret). He
paints her in the nude and while screwing her brains out, is caught by her father (who promptly
has a heart attack and dies). Lulu is forced into the world of prostitution where she eventually
falls prey to Jack The Ripper (Udo Kier). This is one of Walerian Borowczyk's more obscure
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