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Madame Claude Add to Shopping Cart
Just Jaeckin 1982
Francoise Fabian, Murray Head, Dayle Haddon, Klaus Kinski, Robert Webber,
One of the better French softcore films with an outstanding cast. Francoise Fabian, Murray
Head, Dayle (SPERMULA) Haddon, Klaus Kinski, Robert Webber, and Maurice Ronet star in this
film by Just (EMANUELLE) Jaeckin. Madame Claude runs a high class brothel where most of her
customers are from the world of politics. When a local photographer comes under the suspicion
of the local police, he decides to photograph and blackmail Madame Claude to get the police
off his back. Needless to say this is a portent to disaster. Plenty of nudity and high production
values make this a winner.
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Madame Claude 2 Add to Shopping Cart
Alexandra Stewart in english with spanish subs
Madame Claude is a famous whorehouse Madame who uses her girls to help the government
close international trade deals! When this relationship is about to be exposed, the government
decides it's time to get rid of Madame Claude before she talks. She fights back by using her
girls to screw the right people so she can get the upper hand. They do their job beautifully!
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Malizia Oggi Add to Shopping Cart
Sergio Bergonzelli 1990
Deborah Cali, Valentine Demy
In Italian only. Sergio (BLOOD DELIRIUM) Bergonzelli directs this film set among the jetset of
Italy. Valentine Demy has a horny stepdaughter (Deborah Cali who looks like a teenage
version of Serena Grandi!) who picks up a young stud while sunbathing topless (works
everytime!). Of course he eventually gets the hots for Demy who loves to screw around and
even performs a strip at the local disco. Ah, but it all works out in the end (young stud screws
Demy and her stepdaughter!).
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