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Malombra Add to Shopping Cart
Bruno Gaburro 1985
Paola Senatore, Gloria Brini
A lot of people enjoyed EROTIC GAMES from last update with Paola Senatore, well rejoice as
here is a sequel to that excellent film with Senatore returning (nude as ever!). Gloria Brini co-
stars and the film was directed by Bruno Gaburro. A really nice mix of Gothic and sleaze!
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Maladonna Add to Shopping Cart
Bruno Gaburro 1978
Paola Senatore
Wow, probably Paola Senatore's best film (lots of nudity) as she plays an uninhibited mistress
who's married to an older sexually impotent man. However he enjoys watching her so it works
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Marianne's Temptations Add to Shopping Cart
Francis Leroi 1972
Patricia Novarini
Marianne (Patricia Novarini) works at a ski resort and falls for a stud from Paris. He takes her
back to the big city and decides to use her physical charms to blackmail his rich clients. He is in
for a big surprise as she's not as innocent as he thinks. Directed by Francis Leroi.
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Master Of Love Add to Shopping Cart
Barbara Bouchet, Tina Aumont, Silvia Monti, Karin Schubert
Look at this cast: Barbara Bouchet (who gets whipped in an extended sequence), Janet Agren,
Tina Aumont, Silvia Monti, and Karin Schubert are all featured nude in this excellent Italian sex
comedy takeoff on the DECAMERON series
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Midnight Blue Add to Shopping Cart
Michael Coby, Dirce Funari in italian with english subs
You know a film has the right attitude when a school bus full of girl students decide to go
topless swimming at the first beach they see. Three of the girls break away from the group to
stay at a large villa that belongs to one of them. Soon after, three young studs show up and
ingratiate themselves among the girls (who are trying out for the Olympics). It turns out the
three guys have escaped from prison and once the girls catch on, the thugs start knocking
them around (in between raping them of course). After several escape attempts, one of the
girls uses her skills with a javelin to kill off the scumbags. Michel Coby and Dirce (PORNO
HOLOCAUST) co-star
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