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Monique Add to Shopping Cart
Sibylla Kay, Joan Alcorn
Don't confuse this with the French film of the same name. This is a British sexploitation film that
centers on a lesbian relationship. Joan Alcorn is the older woman who seduces a young au pair
(Sibylla Kay) girl in this sleazy mini-masterpiece
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Ms Stiletto Add to Shopping Cart
Bruno Corbucci 1969
If you haven't seen this lady pirate movie, just understand there is a ton of nudity with Brigitte
Skay and since it's based on a racy S&M comic book, plenty of whip scenes too. Directed by
Bruno Corbucci.
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My Darling Slave Add to Shopping Cart
Lando Buzzanca, Catherine Spaak, Gordon Mitchell in english with greek subs
Hilarious but politically incorrect sex comedy starring Lando Buzzanca, Catherine Spaak, and
Gordon Mitchell. Buzzanca is a harried businessman who goes off on vacation and comes back
with his own personal slave girl (Spaak)! Needless to say civilization frowns on this
arrangement but she soon turns the tables on him. Great score by Piero Umiliani.
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