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My Mother's Friend Add to Shopping Cart
Barbara Bouchet, Carmen Villani
In Italian only. Here's another rare sexy film starring Barbara Bouchet in all her undraped
glory. A horny young man is trying to seduce two different women. One is his own age
(Carmen Villani) and the other is played by Bouchet. Unfortunately he's not having any luck
with either one. Fortunately Bouchet is staying at his house so he can spend all his time
peeping on her while she takes a bath. Desperate, he visits an old gypsy who promises him a
love potion. He eventually succeeds in screwing one but not the one you might suspect
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My Nights With Susan, Sandra, Olga, And Julie Add to Shopping Cart
Wow!! Here's a great thriller with plenty of nudity. 2 nymphos hitchhikers kill their driver and
end up back home with their other 2 sisters who are just as weird and sex hungry. A young
stud on a motorcycle shows up and thinks he died and went to heaven. Well, if he stays here
too long that just might happen!! Who is the older woman spying on their every move? Who
else is inside the house spying on the 2 sisters who have a thing for each other? More people
die in this excellent example of EUROTRASH!!
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My Prey Add to Shopping Cart
Riccardo Schicchi 1984
Petra Scharbach
In Italian Only. Petra Scharbach is back in a film directed by Ciccolina's manager and
filmmaker of choice, Riccardo Schicchi. Petra plays a teenager who attends a school run by
nuns. Of course they're all sexually repressed and spend their time abusing her for her sexy
ways. When Dad decides he wants to knock off a piece, she runs away and ends up finding her
true calling, a high priced hooker!
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My Rabbit Is The Best Add to Shopping Cart
Ricardo Palacios 1977
Lina Romay
In Spanish only. Don't let the title fool you (rabbit is slang in Spain for pussy!) as this Lina
Romay film (one of the few she made NOT directed by Jesus Franco) is a demented little film
about a woman who falls in love with a sadistic man and she enjoys being whipped and beaten.
However, when he finds a new slave, she plots her revenge to regain the attentions of her
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