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Myriam Add to Shopping Cart
Bea Fielder in english with greek subs choppy print
Bea Fielder stars in this German-made softcore effort as the titular character whose husband is
either screwing around with her best friend or away on business. She decides to go through as
many young studs as possible, just to piss her husband off. What she doesn't realize is they
were all paid for by her husband so he would know who she was screwing! Lots of nudity in this
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Naked And Lustful Add to Shopping Cart
Erna Scheurer, femi Benussi
Another nice mixture of thriller genres starring Erna Schuerer and Femi Benussi. A philandering
Count meets his match when 2 horny chicks decide they can teamup and screw the old guy to
death and inherit his millions. Plenty of nudity and sleaze to go along with the mystery plot.
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Naked Cell Add to Shopping Cart
John Crome 1985
Vicky Jeffrey
Sleazy women in prison film from Great Britain. A woman becomes obsessed with sex to the
point where she commits crimes towards her partners and is sent to prison where she is
tormented and ultimately sediced by jailers and fellow inmates alike. Vicky Jeffrey stars in this
film directed by John Crome
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Nathalie Add to Shopping Cart
Ilonis Mikonis 1977
Marcella Petri, Grazia De Giorgi, Pauline Teutscher
By the director of SWEET BODY OF BIANCA so you know it's incredibly sleazy and delivers (Hell
it starts right off with agreat shower scene!). Marcella Petri, Grazia De Giorgi, and Pauline
Teutscher star. Petri plays Nathalie, aa spoiled daddy's girl who spends a lot of time screwing
her worthless boyfriend (he brings along his new girlfriend to stay with them!). Turns out she's
involved in a sleazy drug deal that may cost Nathalie dearly. Lots of constant nudity
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