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And Give Us Our Daily sex Add to Shopping Cart
Jose Larraz 1980
Laura Gemser
A very sexy film by Jose (VAMPYRES) Larraz about a young man and his voyeuristic desires.
Laura Gemser and others provide plentiful nudity
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Andrea Add to Shopping Cart
Dagmar Lassander
Dagmar Lassander stars as a frustrated and bored rich socialite who goes to buy a mirror and
as she looks into it, sees her future which involves an endless series of sexual affairs that
ultimately lead her to suicide (or does it?). Though downbeat in it's subject matter, it does
feature a lot of nudity by Lassander which for her was a bit of a rarity. German made and
dubbed into english
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Angel And The Beasts Add to Shopping Cart
Hubert Frank 1977
Barbara Rey, Patricia Adams in english with greek subs
Letterboxed print. Barbara Rey and Patricia Adams star in this mixture of sex and violence
directed by Hubert Frank. Rey and Adams are part of a group of teens who think they have
found paradise but find out, thanks to a sadistic biker gang, it's Hell instead!
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Angels In The Street Add to Shopping Cart
Horst Frank, Herbert Fux
A new pimp (Horst Frank) comes to town and takes over the prostitution
racket. His competition (creepy Herbert Fux isn't too happy about this and a war breaks out
(with the poor whores in the middle of the violence). As if that wasn't enough, an impotent
psycho (Werner Pochat) is going around knifing the girls. Horst and Herbert decide to team up
(shades of M!) to find the crazy bastard. Lots of nudity in this German made roughie
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Anytime Any Play Add to Shopping Cart
Joe D'Amato 1990
Ruth Collins
Ruth Collins plays a night club singer whose old flame reappears and gets a job as the club
bouncer. He rises through the ranks quickly and before too long, he a nd the singer are going
at it full time. Meanwhile the club boss (who's also in love with Collins) disappears owing the
Mob a bunch of money. Ruth Collins great in the nude and since this is a Joe D'Amato film, she
appears in such a state quite often.
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