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Naughty Blue Knickers Add to Shopping Cart


How about a French sex film narrated by a pair of blue panties! They are bought by beautiful

Elodie, who has both a husband and lover. Turns out the lover wants to take her via the back

door and she'll have none of that. Meanwhile, the panties get passed around to both men and

women and when Elodie and her sexy maid decide to get to know each other in the carnal

sense, you really don't give a damn about those talking panties anymore.

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Naughty Nights Add to Shopping Cart


Sexploitation, Greek-style. Starvos is a successful businessman who doesn't realize his wife

Iliana is a prostitute on the side. She ends up falling in love with one of her younger customers

and plans to run off. Unfortunately she makes the mistake of revealing her past to hubby and

he's not too happy about it to say the least!

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Naughty Roommates Add to Shopping Cart


Terry Torday, Andrea Rau

A great piece (no pun intended!) of German sexploitation from the early seventies (you know,

when women were women and didn't need silicon to prove it) about a young girl (Terry Torday)

from the country who comes to Berlin to find fame and fortune. Staying at a boarding house

peopled by prostitutes, (she's bit on the naive side) she learns she has inherited a rundown

hotel in a small town. She gathers up her friends (including Andrea Rau) and they head off to

seduce the menfolk of the small town so they'll help rebuild the dilipated building. Lots of T&A

on display here.

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Nest Of Vipers Add to Shopping Cart

Tonino Cervi 1977

Senta Berger, Ornella Muti

In Italian with English subtitles, letterboxed print. Look at this cast: Ornella Muti, Senta Berger,

Capucine, Christian Borromeo and Maria Monti. Tonino (QUEENS OF EVIL) Cervi directs this

period piece about the sexual decay of a once proud family. I call these morbidita dramas and

they have an atmosphere of moroseness to them you only found in Italian films of the 70s

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Night Nurse Add to Shopping Cart


Gloria Guida, Anna Maria Clementi, Dagmar Lassander

In Italian only. Wow, you get 3 great sexy actresses for the price of one. Gloria Guida, Dagmar

Lassander and Anna Maria Clementi all turn up in various stages of undress. Lino Banfi is a

horny dentist who wants his father in law to die so he hires sexy Guida to give him a heart


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